Hair Loss, the Climate, and You

We all know about seasonal hair loss. Most of the time, we see it in the fall and spring, every year, like clockwork. Even on regular days, we can lose…
7th July 2020

The Many Benefits of Mesotherapy for Hair

Benefits of Mesotherapy For people with alopecia, the loss of their hair can be detrimental to your body image, severely impacting your self-confidence as you age. Luckily, with advanced technologies…
2nd July 2020

How Does Baldness in Men Evolve

What are the stages of baldness in men?   The term baldness, or alopecia, means a partial or total hair loss. This loss can be temporary or permanent. As human…
23rd June 2020

How to sleep after a hair transplant?

Hair transplants can be performed for many people. Indeed, baldness is a common phenomenon that can sometimes seem to handicap people. They then have to resort to a minimal surgical…
15th June 2020

Can You Do A Hair Transplant At 70?

In our society, physical appearance occupies a rather important place. Men who lose their hair often experience androgenic alopecia, as well as communication called baldness, as a real complex. Fortunately,…
30th April 2020

Is a Cure for Baldness Right Around the Corner?

Starks, a hair restoration services and aesthetic medicine premier global destination, offers a variety of baldness cure procedures that painless and efficient. For example, Starks’ FUE graft procedure yields impactful,…
3rd March 2020
The Benefits Of TrichoTestHair

The Benefits Of TrichoTest

Both men’s and women’s genetics heavily influence hair health. Alopecia is caused by an array of factors, including anxiety, diet, vitamin deficiencies, and medications. But genetics remains the overwhelming cause…
9th January 2020
How To Comb Your Thinning HairHair

How To Comb Your Thinning Hair

Hair loss affects roughly three out of every ten men. For many of these men, thinning hair contributes to increased anxiety. This results in stress over how a man with…
7th January 2020