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5 Myths About Hair LossHair Restoration

5 Myths About Hair Loss

Hair loss is extremely frustrating and can take time to pinpoint the reason behind it. With a plethora of information regarding hair loss out there, it's easy to come across…
28th March 2022
Does Hair Restoration Leave Scars?Hair Restoration

Does Hair Restoration Leave Scars?

Among the various types of hair restorations, including a hair transplant, luminotherapy, mesotherapy, or dermopigmentation, a hair transplant is the only restoration procedure that may leave light scarring. However, depending…
14th March 2022
Trends in Aesthetic MedicineAesthetics

New Trends in Aesthetic Medicine

The new trends in aesthetic medicine suggest that large lips and cheekbones will no longer be in fashion. The most eye-catching touches on the volumes of the face give way…
28th September 2021
how to deal with acneAesthetics

How Do I Deal With Acne?

Although we tend to associate acne with adolescence, you truly can experience the unpleasant experience of pimples at any age. Here are ways to avoid developing acne in the first…
17th May 2021
The Benefits Of TrichoTestAesthetics

The Benefits Of TrichoTest

Both men’s and women’s genetics heavily influence hair health. Alopecia is caused by an array of factors, including anxiety, diet, vitamin deficiencies, and medications. But genetics remains the overwhelming cause…
9th January 2020
How Does Stress Affect Aging?Well-Being

How Does Stress Affect Aging?

Stress is a feeling that we all face throughout many different periods of life. Medically, it causes tension in the body from either a mental, physical, or emotional factor. Although…
22nd March 2022
How Do I Take Care of My Teeth?Well-Being

How Do I Take Care of My Teeth?

Oral hygiene is critical to one's health, and choosing not to prioritize dental care can lead to disease. Most don't think about dental hygiene outside of the daily teeth brushing…
4th January 2022
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