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The risks of hair transplantationHair Restoration

The risks of hair transplantation

The risks of hair transplantation Hair transplantation is an extremely safe outpatient procedure that is normally without significant risk or complication when performed by a qualified, and certified surgeon. However,…
11th January 2021
how to deal with acneAesthetics

How Do I Deal With Acne?

Although we tend to associate acne with adolescence, you truly can experience the unpleasant experience of pimples at any age. Here are ways to avoid developing acne in the first…
17th May 2021
The Benefits Of TrichoTestAesthetics

The Benefits Of TrichoTest

Both men’s and women’s genetics heavily influence hair health. Alopecia is caused by an array of factors, including anxiety, diet, vitamin deficiencies, and medications. But genetics remains the overwhelming cause…
9th January 2020
Patient Stories

Hair transplant for Mr B.

Large temple recession, parietal zone partly gone, and early stages of crown baldness. Socially difficult to handle at such a young age, and decided to do something about it.
17th July 2020
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