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1st session : 1312 Follicles
1st session : 2998 Hair
2nd session : 1244 Follicles
2nd session: 2700 Hair
6 months after procedure
Another 6 months till final result
Age : 36  /  Sexe: Male  / Had tried Minoxidil but his skin did not tolerate it

Alopecia History

Serious loss of density on frontal, parietal, and crown areas. History of androgenic alopecia in family, typically leading to type 5 or 6 baldness on the Norwood Hamilton scale. At 36, decided to take action as it was getting worse and affecting his confidence.

Procedure Outline

1 session to restore the front area and part of the parietal area :1312 follicles / 2998 hairs. After 9 months, was so happy with the result that he came back to discuss working on the crown area. At the 14 month mark, he did a second session : 1244 follicles / 2700 hairs. Feels like he is back 10 years ago before he starting balding. Is thrilled not only with the result, but also with the technique used and the joy of having a full head of hair again.

Post-Procedure Treatment

Skin does not tolerate minoxidil, so no application. Followed by Starks with 2 vitamin cures / year, LLT sessions, and upkeep with mesotherapy.

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