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Can You Dye Your Hair After A Hair Transplant?

In the world of hairdressing and aesthetics, many people use coloring. Whether it’s to hide graying hair or to adopt a color different from the natural color of the hair, coloring is a widespread practice. However, if you’ve had a hair transplant, it is essential to take certain precautions if coloring. Indeed, after a hair transplant, specific questions should be taken into account. Is it possible to color after a hair transplant? How long should you wait before coloring? What products should be avoided? Through this article, Starks experts answer all of these questions.

Proceed to color after a hair transplant: it’s possible!

Hair transplantation or greffe de cheveux does not mean you are unable to color your hair; however, there is still some information to consider. First of all, it is essential to wait a minimum of time before performing a coloring. The waiting time can vary depending on the case, but most doctors specialized in hair transplant recommend waiting about three months after the operation. This is the time necessary to ensure proper healing. Once the scalp has had time to heal, coloring can then be considered. Otherwise, if the coloring is done before, it can harm the grafts and scalp and prevent proper healing. A little patience is necessary before proceeding to the coloring of your new hair. To anticipate the few weeks of healing required after the transplant, it is entirely possible to perform coloring a few days before the operation so that it lasts the time of healing.

Favor natural colors of Hair Dye

In most hair coloring products, there is a specific dose of chemical substances that can damage the hair, such as ammonia. Indeed, these aggressive products could damage the quality of the graft and cause poor healing; therefore, its better to opt for dyes made from natural coloring. Organic coloring is also possible, just like henna, which can even prove very beneficial for the vitality of the hair. In addition to coloring, it is advisable to maintain your hair thoroughly regularly. Indeed, regular care and maintenance of hair after coloring will also strengthen the quality of the hair transplant.


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