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1779 follicles
4222 hairs
Age : 40  /  Sex: Male  /  Prior Treatments: Used minoxidil for 3 years, took nutritional complements, and other external treatments

Alopecia History

The patient takes good care of his physical and mental health, and was seeing his hair progressively thinning as time went by. Absolutely did not want to wait to be completely bald to take action.

Procedure Outline

1 full day procedure : 1779 follicles / 4222 hairs. His hair is now dense and homogeonous, without patchiness. Very happy that the result is so natural and no-one suspects that he had a transplant done.

Post-Procedure Treatment

5% Minoxidil, Luminotherapy, and external treatments. Patient also working hard on his end with a lot of working out and organic food.

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