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1415 follicles
3553 hairs
Age : 31 /  Sex: Male  /  Prior Treatments: Tried minoxidil for 8 days and stopped

Alopecia History

Loss of the hairline on 5-6cm. Started losing hair at 25 years old, very frustrated with that situation. Couldn’t style hair anymore, and gave up on hiding it so started shaving his head.

Procedure Outline

1 procedure : 1415 follicles / 3553 hairs. Very happy to be able to try popular hairstyles. Is much happier and his wife is thrilled to see him more confident and smiling.

Post-Procedure Treatment

5% minoxidil 1-2 times a day on the long term to keep the rest of his hair from thinning or falling in the near future.

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