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How Can You Stop Hair Loss?

Hello and welcome back to Starks, today let’s talk about how to counteract hair loss. Let’s also try to understand if hair lotions and other similar products are helpful or harmful.


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Is hair loss a fear that plagues you?

Losing hair also afflicts us, and that’s why we decided to dedicate ourselves totally to this issue by investing in research and technology. Although our center focuses on hair transplantation services (aka greffe de cheveux) and support services like hair pigmentation, mesotherapy, or luminotherapy, we deal with the topic of baldness at all angles, examining each new hair lotion or new remedies for regrowth. Hair should have a clear and complete vision of the new possibilities that science offers us.


Over the years, our experience has led us to face the issue of hair loss on several fronts, and generally, we always start from prevention.

 How Do You Diagnose Hair Loss?

Although baldness and alopecia often depend on DNA, in many cases, factors such as stress or seasonal change cause other problems to arise, and this is why it becomes useful to talk about prevention.

The awareness process that we often face is exhausting. Still, we see it as a sort of long-term investment: correcting bad habits, learning to take care of one’s hair, finding the causes that have led or are leading to the loss of they and starting to develop the first fall protection treatments is the first step which, if faced with precision and constancy, can be a great added value in solving the problem.

 Can Nutrition Help With Hair Loss?

Seasonal hair loss can be countered by taking care of nutrition; for example, dried fruit and sunflower seeds are very suitable as well as fish, eggs, and legumes. For those who are not a fish lover but appreciate sushi, remember that salmon is rich in Omega3, so there is no excuse.


Can Washing Your Hair Make You Go Bald?

It would be best if you never exaggerated washing your hair. As a rule, hair should never be washed every day, and generally, for those with a tendency of greasy skin, it is preferable to use a dry shampoo. It is a good idea to limit the use of hair straighteners and hair dryers at high temperatures to a minimum, in case you cannot avoid straightening your hair, you should protect it with a thermal spray. These little precautions, if followed, can make a difference. Still, if all this were not enough, it is not recommended to test hair lotions, products, and pills without having first consulted with an expert since experimenting blindly, could be more harmful than think. If you have noticed a thinning or are clearly starting to lose your hair, book a free consultation by filling out the form below or visiting us directly in our hair restoration centers in via Montebello 27 in Milan.


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