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As you age, you may begin to notice changes in your hair. These changes occur because of genetics and hormones. Although this looks different for everyone, age does play a factor in your hair’s texture, color, and growth. 

How Hair Changes Occur:


Hereditary baldness is a common condition that is often caused by genetics. Not all people are affected at the same age, but most of the time, hair loss becomes noticeable between the ages of 30-40 years old. As we all know, you can’t alter your genes, making hereditary hair loss untreatable. 

Hormonal Changes

As we get older, our hormones can be thrown off balance. Many times this is caused by pregnancy, menopause, and decreases in estrogen or testosterone levels. High-stress levels and thyroids issues can also play a part in hormonal imbalances for everyone. Stress is often a common culprit of hair change as we age and experience major life events that cause the body to react. 

How Do These Changes Affect My Hair?

Hair Texture

It’s common to notice your hair texture altering over the years. Odds are, you probably had a curly head of hair when you were young. As you get older, you have to remember that your hair is older and continuously maturing. For example, if you have long hair that’s over 12 inches, the hairs on your head can be nearly three years old. Hair texture can also alter over your lifetime due to the products you are using, if there has been a modification in your diet, or if you developed a health condition. Many of us experience numerous factors throughout our lifetime, which results in multiple hair changes over the years. 

Hair Color

Most of us will eventually have grey hair, so why does this happen? As you reach a certain age (varying from person to person), the production of melanin (pigment) in your hair decreases and eventually stops altogether. Stress is an outside factor that can also speed up the graying process. The reaction your body takes from stress can slow down cell growth that maintains normal hair pigmentation. 

Hair Growth

Many people experience hair growth slowing down in age. The root cause for this lack of hair growth is your hair strands, which tend to have less pigment and become smaller in age. For example, thick, brown hair can slowly start to thin out and lose its rich color. 

Overall, hair changes are widespread and nothing to be ashamed of. Studies have shown that nearly everyone will experience some difference throughout their lifetime, so you are not alone! If you have questions about what you can do for hair growth, contact Starks today for a consultation! 


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