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We all grow up in slightly different households, where the rules we learn for how often to clean your body parts are taught at a young age and we carry those habits into adulthood. The truth is, maybe those habits we learn as children are not exactly what we should be doing as adults. Washing your hair is one of those habits. You might be wondering if you’re washing your hair enough, or maybe too much. The answer to the question: how often should I wash my hair is different for different hair types and lifestyles.


Don’t Wash Too Much

The basic answer to the question is that you should only wash your hair as often as it needs to be washed. Your own perception of that is different from the advice below, but try not to wash your hair too much, or your hair will suffer. Over-washed hair can become dry and more brittle, which makes it more prone to damage from the elements and from styling. You should only wash your hair as often as it takes to keep your hair from looking greasy and dirty. That often depends on what kind of hair you have.


Thick Hair

If you have thicker hair follicles, your hair can get more oily than other types without showing up or making your hair look greasy. Take advantage of that by washing less often — once or twice a week is usually enough to keep your hair looking lush and lively. If your hair tends to become oily and greasy faster, then your natural thickness should mitigate any possible damage from over-washing.


Thin Hair

Thinner hair can look greasy and dirty faster than other types because the thinner follicles show these build-ups faster than thicker hair does. However, thin or fine hair is also more susceptible to damage than other types of hair, and even washing can cause damage. Try washing your hair only every other day, even though you might be tempted to wash it more, and use dry shampoo on the days you don’t wash.


Tightly-Curled Hair

Coily or type-4 hair, as it is sometimes known, is less oily than straighter hair because of the extra length that oil has to travel from the follicle root. This often leads to dryness and overwashing can cause it to become more brittle and prone to damage. If you have hair like this then you only need to wash your hair every three days or so, and make sure you are co-washing, or only using conditioner. You should use proper shampoo only once a week, at most, to get rid of build-up.


But What If I Work Out?

You might be tempted to wash your hair more often when it’s hot out or you’re sweating from heavy activity at the gym. In this case, you only need to rinse your hair with water to get rid of the salty oils that build up. Shampoo too often, as we have seen, can cause damage to all types of hair. 


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