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Hello and welcome back to Starks today; we will talk about combating baldness, androgenetic alopecia, and severe thinning. These are all straightforward solutions, sometimes simple precautions that you may have already heard of.


Starting from the fundamentals is always useful. We often forget to follow the basics. Hair loss is increasingly common in men and women of all ages throughout Europe. The primary cause of baldness is DNA. If there are cases of baldness in your family, you may have inherited this gene too. The form of baldness written in our DNA is called Androgenetic Alopecia and is a real pathology. If you think you are suffering from androgenetic alopecia, you can do some tests in our trusted clinic, but if you choose to come to our hair care center in Milan, the check-up is free, so book it now!


As we said earlier, baldness often does not depend on us as individuals. About a third of the population suffers from it, many of whom are women. What should one do to combat baldness and prevent our hair from falling out prematurely?

Eliminating sources of stress is very suitable for counteracting hair thinning that leads to stress alopecia. Yes, stress baldness or stress alopecia is a real disease caused by the increase in cortisol, a steroid hormone, which causes osteoporosis and an increase in blood sugar.


Stress alopecia occurs during periods of high stress, anxiety, and nervousness. Our body actively responds to emotional imbalances: for this reason, when we feel we are emotionally weak, exhausted, and without energy, we must find a way to safeguard our psychophysical health. Medicines can also contribute to hair loss, resulting in what is called drug-induced alopecia or iatrogenic alopecia. The drugs that can most commonly lead to baldness are used as anticancer therapies, and those that interfere with hormonal balance. After the treatment cycle is over, you should also stop losing your hair.


To conclude, remember that in everyday life, we ​​assume a series of habits that can seriously damage our hair: dry the hair by rubbing it with a towel or using the hair dryer at high temperatures, make many dyes, bleach the hair, use the straightener or curling iron, perm or chemical straightening, pull your hair too hard when you tie it to make a ponytail.

In short, from what you have been able to read, it will be apparent to you that hair is a reflection of our state of health: we must therefore safeguard our psychophysical health by adopting new habits, new behaviors and, if this were not enough, by relying on expert doctors.


At our center dedicated to hair care, you can undergo the FUE transplant. To learn more about all our treatments to combat baldness, read here (insert the link in the other article of this month). We remind you that you are entitled to a free first check-up! You can request it at our center in Milan in via Montebello 27, or you can book it directly online from here


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