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Baby hairs, scientifically known as “vellus” hairs, are typically visible around the front of the hairline as well as the nape of the neck. They’re smaller and shorter than the other hairs on the head and easily recognizable. 

While they’re great for styling, and currently experiencing a resurgence in modern fashion, it can also be easy to confuse them for broken hairs. 

As we all know, hair breakage can be a sign of a serious hair emergency. It can indicate poor hair or scalp health or even nutritional deficiencies within the body. So here’s how to tell baby hair vs. breakage apart:

How to Tell the Difference Between Baby Hair and Breakage

If your hair feels coarse and dry, it is probably baby hair that has been stretched out due to styling or chemical damage. While baby hairs may feel rough against the fingers, they are smooth when touched with a comb or toothbrush bristles.

Baby hairs will have blunt ends while broken ones taper off at the tip – usually after roughly one inch of length, depending on hair texture & condition as well as factors such as aging & pollution exposure. This difference can be seen even more clearly under magnification but if you don’t have access to a microscope then simply holding your strands up should do the trick! Just remember that baby hairs tend towards being coarser in texture, whereas breakage will be more likely to occur in finer hair.

Baby hairs tend to grow out and away from the scalp while broken hairs often point towards it – baby hair is usually straighter than a typical strand of hair as well.

If your strands are relatively healthy and free of chemical damage then you might notice baby hairs growing faster than usual near the front of your face or at your temples/sideburns as they’re exposed to heat & styling on a regular basis (they also appear thicker because they haven’t been damaged yet). This may seem like an increase in breakage but its actually just baby hair growth!

If you’re still unsure, there’s one surefire way to tell if those wispy baby hairs are actually broken ones: simply pull them out! If you see a white bulb at the root, then your hair is in fact damaged.

Starks Can Help

If you’re noticing more baby hair than usual or think that your strands seem fine but keep getting caught on everything, feel free to contact us for an appointment today so we can help figure out what’s going on with your crowning glory. We’ll be able to tell if there’s any breakage and give you personalized recommendations based on our years of experience!

We’re also experts in hair restoration and have helped thousands of men and women regain full heads of natural hair through our simple procedures. If you’re somebody in Italy who is experiencing a receding hairline or thinning hair, now is the time to act. 

Thank you for checking out this post. Starks currently provides age management solutions from clinics located in France and Italy. Please click below to find out more about the hair restoration services we offer to our global clientele:

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