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When most people think of allergies, the idea that comes to mind is seasonal pollen, but many people have allergies all year round, and their allergic reactions can cause a wide variety of symptoms, including included hair loss. Any object can be an allergen, depending on the body’s response to contact with the substance. If you are experiencing hair loss for unknown reasons and are wondering what the causes are, here are some answers with Starks, a clinic specializing in hair aesthetics.

What allergenic substances can cause hair loss?

Latex, metals, and plastics can cause allergies and rashes that can sometimes cause hair loss. Dust and animal hair blown away by the wind can cause several symptoms, from stuffy noses to watery eyes. They can also cause hives or a rash, including on the scalp. Thus, the hair around the infection may fall out, but should grow back once the rash is gone.

Women who wear a lot of hairspray, mousse, or other hair care products can see their hair fall out if they are allergic to the molecules contained in these products. As a result, hair follicles can die due to contact with allergenic substances. Hair loss caused by food allergies is most often associated with animals (dogs and cats), but humans can also have these kinds of symptoms. It’s linked to an external rash caused by either food ingestion or even by contact with the skin.


Do hair care products have natural allergenic ingredients?

Hair care products can contain natural allergenic ingredients like lavender or fruit extract to give a pleasant odor to the product and for hair rejuvenation. However, people with specific food allergies should be aware of this and make sure to check the components before accidentally exposing their hair to possible allergens.


Can household mold cause hair loss?

If you live in a house with mold caused by high humidity, an allergic reaction can quickly start and lead to hair loss. During these allergic reactions, your immune system secretes a chemical called histamine. Histamine causes inflammation that disrupts blood flow in the capillaries that nourish the roots of your hair. This can lead to the hair not getting enough blood, and eventually, your hair can start to fall out. And be aware that allergies to mold can, in some cases, even lead to baldness.

In addition to mold spores, the allergens in the air inside a home that can cause hair loss are the excretions of mites, chemicals, and biological enzymes found in laundry powder.

If you find that you are starting to lose your hair due to a mold allergy, the first step is first to remove any mold from your home.

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