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Hello, and welcome back to Starks; in this article, we will discover the secrets of Cellulite and localized adiposity, and we will evaluate the beneficial effects that a treatment such as carboxytherapy can offer on the adiposity of the body, face, and neck.


Introduction to Cellulite and localized adiposity:

The Cellulite is a type of inflammation of the skin caused by a buildup of fluid in the tissue skin. The accumulation of excess fluids is only the beginning of what will then become the actual Cellulite. In addition to the collection of liquids, we can also note that of the fat cells and nodules in the blood supply is severely obstructed.


Visually the skin takes on the characteristic orange peel surface. Incorrect blood supply contributes to a dull complexion, rather low skin temperature and limited skin elasticity.


Another critical element of Cellulite is localized adiposity.

This is nothing more than a real accumulation of fat. Adipose accumulations can be dispersed throughout the body, or localized in some specific points like the belly, hips, abdomen, legs, thighs, knees, buttocks, neck, arms, and the face. Localized Cellulite and adiposity affect men and women, young and old.


Localized Cellulite and adiposity are the most common skin blemishes and can vary based on gender, age, overall body fat percentage, nutrition, and physical activity.


Cellulite and localized adiposity are not only “women’s things” but also occur very frequently in men and at all ages.


  • Cellulite and adiposity in men. In men, localized adiposities are concentrated mainly in the skin of the face, neck, shoulders, and abdomen. They are often indicative of high blood glucose levels, triglycerides, and high blood pressure.  

The modification of the male body caused by localized adiposity gives a particular “apple” shape.


  • Cellulite and adiposity in women. If we have defined that of man as an “apple” structure, we can identify that of woman typically as “pear.” The localized fat deposits are concentrated mainly in the lower part of the body, that is, in the hips, thighs, and buttocks.  


  • Cellulite and adiposity at all ages. Cellulite and localized adiposity are persistent in young people and are generally caused by a healthy overweight or by a principle of obesity, reduced physical activity, and poor nutrition.  

In old age, especially after 40, localized fat and Cellulite can be caused by a decrease of estrogen in women or testosterone in men and by increasing the resistance to insulin.


Find out more about Carboxytherapy


Against Cellulite and localized fat with carboxytherapy:


Carboxy therapy is a treatment that takes place via microinjections subcutaneous of carbon dioxide in a gaseous and specific form for medical procedures.


These small injections are performed strategically only in the points of the body affected by localized adiposity and Cellulite. For this reason, we can define it as a specific, localized treatment and, therefore, applicable both on the face and on the whole body.


Once the injections are performed, carbon dioxide is expelled from our body autonomously through endogenous reactions.


The treatment is not very invasive, it can be modulated and is particularly suitable for contrasting: localized adiposity, cellulite imperfections, orange peel skin, water retention, stretch marks, skin ulcers, reduction of wrinkles, dark circles and lower eyelid bags.


The Carboxy is also valid for fighting skin aging hands, stimulate collagen and elastin production, returning a significantly brighter and firmer skin.


Carboxytherapy: conclusions.


We can say that carboxytherapy stimulates blood circulation by promoting the elimination of excess fluids, and smoothing out the typical grooves of orange peel skin, increases blood flow, makes the skin more toned.

For all these factors, it also has implications for the smoothing of love handles, the reduction of Coulotte de Cheval, abdominal fat, and inner thigh.


As we often repeat, each one is a case, and for this reason, also the carboxytherapy treatment must be modulated based on the starting situation of each patient.

The sessions can vary from 6 to 10, and each treatment lasts about half an hour.


Between one session and the next, we will have to spend some time, this too to a varying extent depending on the patient, his initial situation, and the response to the treatment.


At the end of each session, the patient will immediately be able to appreciate the first results and, more importantly, he will be able to resume all daily activities without restrictions immediately.


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