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Hello and welcome back to Starks, today our article is dedicated to all women who want a new look and some advice to treat hair in the best way without damaging it.

Enough of the usual ash blonde, chocolate brown, black-blue or red.

In spring 2020 there is CHANGE in large letters, so let’s say goodbye to the usual old shades and start talking about the novelty of the year: the Inverted Hair.

A new way of conceiving the color: a series of strands with bright shades that sprout in the hair or even completely exposed to illuminate the face, emphasize the shapes of the face and cheer up as much as possible a daily life not always at the top.

Are you thinking of changing your hair color but are not sure whether to opt for a particularly eye-catching effect or for a more discreet effect? Inverted Hair is just right for you because it leaves your natural color as a base and only on part of the head.

Compare with your trusted hairdresser to make sure that only the best hair products are used.

If you are undecided, you can also get advice on whether to adopt the Inverted Hair only on the lower part of the head, whether to apply it to some scattered locks or to the whole head.

The advantage of the Inverted Hair is that being so detailed in the finish, you will no longer be a slave to the dye because the result will be a mix of shades.

If you opt for a tint to the lower part of the head, you won’t even have to worry about regrowth: a great way to treat your hair and prevent it from getting damaged.

Another advantage of the Inverted Hair is that it lends itself very well to hair of any length, from the shortest to the longest with fantastic results in both cases.

Are you afraid of too many shades and extremely bright colors of this technique?

Don’t worry, as, with any big color change, you will have to bleach your hair.

And here is an additional advantage of the Inverted Hair: if you want the final result not to be too eye-catching, you can choose to do a milder bleaching.

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By doing so you will only lose a few tones, your new color will not be too flashy and above all, you will be able to take care of your hair without running the risk of ruining it forever with the frequent bleaching typical of old-fashioned shades.

Thanks for reading.

See you soon,




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