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In this article, we will answer the 5 most frequently asked questions about FUE Hair Transplantation.

We also remind you that if you are interested in our services you are entitled to a first complete and free check-up that you can book from the contact page of our site.

How long does an FUE Hair Transplant session last?

In the simplest cases, 3 hours can be enough, for the more complex cases, 6 hours can be reached. However, it is not possible to predict exactly the duration of a transplant session. This type of intervention varies according to the patient and their starting conditions, but almost always the work is performed within the day.

Before undergoing this operation, we recommend you read our article dedicated to how to mask the thinning in view of an FUE One Touch Transplant.

How many sessions are needed?

Even in this case, there is no equal answer for everyone.

However, we can say that, in most cases, one is enough.

Eventually, in more complex cases, a second intervention can be considered 6-9 months after the first.

How long before I can wash my scalp?

The idea of washing the scalp the day after the surgery is very tempting, but it would be a serious mistake. More precisely, it would be an error to wash before the three days following the operation. Obviously we do not want to encourage poor personal hygiene, on the contrary, we just want to be sure that the crusts formed after the intervention fall independently, so as not to risk compromising the health of the grafted bulbs and their premature fall.

In any case, for the washing of the first 15-20 days, we recommend the use of a very mild shampoo.

It is very important to put the health of the transplanted follicles first and for this reason, we must keep the skin clean in order to avoid any infections.

Do not scratch and do not rub with your hands or with a towel.

One word: DELICACY.

How does the implantation of follicular units take place?

In our hair care and health centers, we have improved the best known, used and effective autotransplantation technique available today.

We have moved from the common FUE Autotransplantation to the FUE One Touch Autotransplantation.

We respect the skin and the grafted follicles by guaranteeing the patient to be able to return to work or to the daily routine as early as the day after the surgery unless the latter does physical or physically demanding work. In this case, it is better to wait a week.

It is important to consider that in the 48 hours following the operation, the patient will have to spray a saline solution supplied by us every 30 minutes.

We pick up and graft the follicles with a particular punch we patented which measures a diameter of less than one millimeter.

This allows us to graft the follicles by limiting their manipulation to safeguard their longevity, generate scars with smaller dimensions than the competition and to control the depth and inclination of the graft extremely effectively.

The result will have a 100% natural design.

Furthermore, an injector whose punch measures a smaller diameter allows the grafts to be performed much more closely. This is fundamental to obtain a higher and better density effect than those who use the classic injectors.

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What if the patient is not in a condition to be operated on?

Our haircare centers are made up of a team of professionals who have been operating in the sector for over twenty years. During all this time our doctors have had the opportunity to deal with the most disparate cases, including patients who have already undergone multiple operations abroad and with serious damage to the scalp, so much so that they can no longer be suitable for this type of intervention.

We remind you that at our hair care center you can undergo a free and complete Check-Up with an analysis of the hair and scalp, useful to give you all the information about your current status, the progress of your condition and possibly on therapies and treatments useful to solve the problem. You can book by filling out the contact form here.



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