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Probably the question we get asked the most is “How long does hair restoration last?” The answer is simply that they last a lifetime. 

The problem is that questions like this show a fundamental misunderstanding of what hair restoration is. Hair restoration isn’t a temporary solution where hair is just put into your head to replace thinning hair or bald spots. It’s an actual medical procedure that replaces hair follicles that aren’t growing hair with hair follicles that are growing hair. 

At Starks, we feel that education is necessary for people who are considering having a hair restoration procedure done. Misinformation can lead to people being scared or unsure of the procedure, and education is the best way to demystify the process. 

The truth is that hair restoration is as safe as any procedure can be, and our doctors have performed them thousands of times with resounding success!

Are Hair Transplants Permanent?

The first thing we would like to address is that, yes, hair transplants are permanent. Essentially what we are doing is taking active hair follicles from your own body and placing them into the areas of your head where you’re experiencing hair loss. These follicles remain active and, after a short healing period, begin to grow hair naturally on your head again. 

Is Transplanted Hair Real Hair?

When you have a hair transplant, the hair follicles are growing your natural hair, just in a different spot on your head. So the new hair you’re growing is actually just your body’s own real hair. 

Is A Hair Transplant Painful?

This is also something we get asked a lot, and we completely understand why. A hair transplant is a surgical procedure, and there’s no such thing as a pleasurable surgery. However, we can

assure you that hair transplant procedures are relatively mild and the recovery doesn’t take long at all. 

In general, hair transplants are outpatient procedures, meaning you can be in and out on the same day. 

A local anesthetic is applied to the areas that will be affected by the transplant, so you won’t feel the actual procedure happening. The application of the anesthetic itself doesn’t hurt other than a slight pricking sensation. It feels a lot like the tip of a pen on your scalp. After that, you won’t be able to feel any sensation in that area. 

The recovery period after the procedure is very short compared to other surgeries. You will feel some tenderness, redness, and mild pain for a few days after the hair transplant, and you may need to take some pain and anti-inflammatory medications. However, it’s usually very mild, and you should be able to return to work within one or two days. 

How Many Hair Transplants Are Needed?

In general, a single transplant is all that is necessary to regain dense hair for the rest of a patient’s life. 

However, it may take multiple procedures to complete the transplant. The maximum number of grafts that can be implanted over a person’s life is around 6,000-7,000 grafts, which would take multiple procedures. Many people only need one or two procedures, but some people may need more. 

The short answer is that your doctor will anticipate how many grafts you will need and inform you before the first procedure. The trick is in anticipating the progression of any male pattern baldness that might be occurring. 

Why Starks is the Best

At Starks, we pride ourselves on the expertise and professionalism of our medical staff. Our doctors and staff are fully trained and experienced in hair restoration procedures and we’ve helped thousands of people just like you regain a full head of hair and their youthful confidence. 

If you’re somebody in Italy who’s experiencing hair loss, contact us today to book your free consultation or visit our center in Milan to find out how we can help you. 


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