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The nose is one of the most essential parts of our face, and for this reason, if a defect occurs, it can negatively impact the harmony and aesthetic features of our entire face. Today, it’s possible to run the shelters and fix the nose with different methods. The main question at hand is Rhinoplasty or Rinofiller? These two treatments share the same objective but possess two different modes of intervention.


Why Choose Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgery that allows remodeling of the nose to correct defects. With Rhinoplasty, it is, in fact, possible to alter the bone and cartilage structure of the nose to reshape the tip and the back of it. Rhinoplasty is most suitable if one suffers from problems respiratorily-related. In some cases, the imperfections are very obvious and relate to the bone. This surgery is carried out in the clinic and provides the patient anesthesia for the whole operation. With Rhinoplasty, the postoperative period has a duration that varies according to the scope of the surgery and the reaction of the patient.


Why Choose Rhinofiller

Rinofiller is a medical treatment that allows the correction of defects in the nose in a non-invasive manner. With this technique, Rinofiller can lift the tip of the nose, make a less noticeable hump, or straighten any deviations present on the back of the nose. The treatment can last from 20 to 30 minutes, and the results last up to 12 months. The fillers used are completely absorbable and are injected only in the areas where it presents the problem. The doctor identifies the area to be treated and acts directly on it to obtain optimal results. During the treatment, the area is anesthetized topically, and as the biggest difference of Rhinoplasty, the patient can return to their daily routine immediately after the intervention.


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