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The new trends in aesthetic medicine suggest that large lips and cheekbones will no longer be in fashion. The most eye-catching touches on the volumes of the face give way to treatments aimed at natural skin rejuvenation to conquer while maintaining a natural look. Therefore, aesthetic medicine stops being a tool for changing the face. The new magic formula of aesthetic medicine is natural beauty. After all, many stars regret the plastic/aesthetic touches and invasive choices that are difficult to turn back from.


Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid for Natural Youth

Rather than building a youthful appearance artificially, the trend is to give the skin those same elements that make it look naturally young. The dermis cells produce collagen and hyaluronic acid, molecules responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Over the years, the cellular metabolism slows down, and these substances’ production decreases, resulting in skin aging. The latest generation fillers aim to return the right amounts of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and other natural nutrients to the skin. The result is not only the natural filling of volumes but, above all, cell regeneration. The skin will begin to regenerate again like young skin, resulting in much more toned, elastic and luminous. These fillers are an entirely natural effect that enhances the beauty of the face.


Lip Trends

The lips are certainly among the most retouched parts of the face. Until a few years ago, the trend was to ask for plumper lips. Large injections to swell the lips, especially after fifty, when the tissues naturally tend to lose volume. The trend has now changed to micro-injections undergoing a natural and nourishing gel, which does not increase the natural volume of the lips, but restores their original architecture. Like a time machine, this means the lips are not different and “fake,” but instead the same younger lips.


Even Skin

The new trends in aesthetic medicine aim to achieve uniform skin. The latest beauty is, above all, uniformity, cleanliness, and naturalness. The focus is now on neocollagenesis: the reactivation of collagen production to guarantee a genuinely young, uniform, compact, and flawless skin. 

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