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Gorgeous, younger-looking skin begins with what you choose to put into your body. At Starks, our anti-aging professionals always convey the importance of a healthy diet to those seeking our enhancement procedures. While our anti-aging procedures boost a youthful appearance timeline, the long term plan should include some of the following anti-aging foods.

Here’s a list of the top anti-aging foods.

Dark Chocolate

Turning back father time’s assault on your skin means eating the right foods. Right away, you probably feel a bit anxious. You might think that any food that’s good for the skin is terrible for the palate.

Well, that’s why I’m starting with dark chocolate, one of the top anti-aging foods you can find. And it tastes great, to boot.

Dark chocolate contains a substantial amount of powerful, anti-aging antioxidants. In fact, cocoa and chocolate contain more phenolic antioxidants than nearly every other food you’d consider. But don’t take our word for it, check out the science.

What makes dark chocolate “dark?”

The amount of cocoa contained in the chocolate is the main decider of the dark chocolate label. Milk chocolate will provide too little raw cocoa to qualify. You are looking for dark chocolate bars that boast at least 80% dark chocolate.

Not to worry, this dark chocolate, anti-aging vehicle, does contain sweetness. So you’ll enjoy the taste. Straight dark chocolate is a pretty bitter experience, but it’s unlikely you’ll find such at your local store.

So really, what’s your excuse now? Who doesn’t want to include more dark chocolate in their diet?

It tastes amazing, and it helps you maintain a youthful glow.


Again, your excuses for not eating an anti-aging diet are running thin.

Who doesn’t enjoy blueberries? (Hint, they taste great outside of the infamous blueberry)

When it comes to aging, DNA plays a critical role. As the years go by, our DNA becomes damaged.

By eating blueberries, we can negotiate the aging process at least a little. Blueberries reduce DNA damage, which ultimately helps ward off the effects of aging. As a bonus, this same DNA damage reduction helps fight the onset of cancer cells. In some studies, free radicals, the purveyors of DNA damage, were reduced by 20% when blueberries and apple juice were ingested daily for four weeks.

Certainly, getting your blueberry fill only through baked goods isn’t the best way. Blueberries, straight up, taste great. Though they can be moderately pricey, so be warned. But if you’re fresh off a successful Starks aesthetics procedure, a few blueberries a day is a great idea to help maintain your skin’s new youthful vigor.


Now, the bad news. Right?

Eh, it depends on who you ask.

I’m just going to say it: Broccoli is a superfood. If I were to list the benefits of broccoli beyond its anti-aging points, this article would go on for pages.

Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable that’s high in vitamin C and vitamin A. Vitamin C is hardly just for helping to give a boost to your immune system; it also improves and protects your skin. Your body synthesizes vitamin C as a way to produce potent collagen. Collagen preserves your skin’s youthful appearance.

This riddle isn’t too complicated, right? More broccoli means anti-aging.

If you hate the taste or texture, you can buy broccoli capsules. You might also consider juicing it with apples.


Remember how young and vibrant Popeye the Sailor Man always seemed?

Ok, he was a cartoon character that smashed cans of spinach on the daily, maybe the figment of someone’s imagination isn’t the best example. All the same, spinach, like broccoli, is a powerful superfood with tons of anti-aging components.

And I have better news.

Cooking broccoli through sauteing or steaming bolsters its’ nutrient content.

Spinach is loaded with vitamin C. This means more collagen to feed your skin.


The benefits of salmon are widely understood and accepted. Salmon contains a slew of important antioxidants, such as astaxanthin and carotenoid. It’s also an amazing source of Omega 3 Fatty Acid.

Oh, and salmon tastes phenomenal. You can prepare it in a variety of ways, depending on how you enjoy it.


Ah, the often overlooked and forgotten pomegranate. We’ve seen in recent years the rise of more and bigger juice makers including pomegranate juice. This is hardly big marketing companies acting off the cuff; rather, they understand that pomegranate is a superfood that can help stop the appearance of skin aging.

The pomegranate has a unique approach to combating aging. It does its work in the gut. The pomegranate leverages a mitochondrial clean-up process via urolithin A. I’m not going to bore you too much here, just know that a mitochondrial reduction is linked to healthier skin.

And pomegranates taste fun.

Anti-Aging Foods Conclusion

Lots of healthy foods can improve the appearance of our skin. And many of them taste great. With so many choices, why would you not include some of these anti-aging foods every day?



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