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Which areas of the face can be treated with fillers? 

The term filler derives from the English verb “to fill.” Filler allows doctors to fill the face’s wrinkles by injecting substances, like hyaluronic acid, in the skin, revitalizing the patient’s face. The filler injection does not cause a loss of facial expression. Although not very invasive and temporary, it is a very effective technique applicable to different areas of a person’s face.


Neck Filler

More and more patients are getting filler injections in the neck and decolletage area. These two areas are very often the first places on a person’s body to develop wrinkles. Filler is a great solution for patients with wrinkles very deep that need a rejuvenation. 


Nose Filler

The nose is one of the main elements of the human face. For this reason, many people decide to correct its shape via rhinoplasty or filler. Filler is the most suitable solution for patients who want to correct a slight imperfection, especially in the tip or the back of the nose. It is essential to consult a specialist in order to get the best possible result.


Facial Filler

Filler can not only be used to flesh out the wrinkles and correct any imbalances but also to reshape the face’s shape. In these cases, the material injected in the specific areas of the face is a filler made from hydroxyapatite calcium with characteristics specific to the redefinition of the face.


Lip Filler

To fill and adjust any asymmetries in the lips, hyaluronic acid is used. The technique uses microinjections of acid to improve the lips’ shape. The filler is also used to fill the nasolabial folds, or the wrinkles at the sides of the lips that can worsen with age with the tissue’s loss of tone.


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