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It’s no secret that the best hair transplant center in Italy is located in Milan! The Starks Italia Hair Replacement Center and Medical Spa in Milan is staffed by the best hair restoration doctors and specialists in the world. 

If you’re in Italy and looking to restore your full head of hair, our FUE procedure is exactly what you need.  

But how much does it cost, or Quanto costa un trapianto di capelli con metodo fue in Milano? Well, in general a hair transplant is going to cost between 2,000 and 5,000 Euros. 

For that price, you’re getting the best hair transplant procedure of modern medical science. Of course it’s hard to put a price tag on having a full, youthful head of hair again. 

However, first it is important to understand what FUE is and how it differs from the older form of hair transplants. 


What is a FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. The procedure involves taking individual hair follicles and moving them to another area where the hair is thinning or falling out. Ultimately, you are having active, growing hair moved from one place to another, and there it continues to grow and look natural. 

It is an advanced micrografting technique that is at the forefront of all hair restoration methodologies. 

The older hair transplant method was called FUT, or Follicular Unit Transplantation. This outdated technique involves moving entire patches of hair follicles from one place to another. It is less accurate and precise, and often results in the “hair plug” look that was common decades ago. 

At the Starks facility in Milan, we only use the latest hair transplant techniques, which means we only offer FUE hair transplants. We want all of our clients to feel completely satisfied with their new hair, and that means only using the best methods available. 


The Cost of FUE

As we mentioned above, the average cost for a FUE hair transplant at our Milan center is between 2,000 and 5,000 Euros. However, it can cost more or it can cost less. 

The reason for the variation is that each client has his or her own specific needs. Therefore, every hair restoration treatment plan must be tailored to address those needs and the costs will be different for everybody. 


Are FUE Hair Transplants Dangerous?

A common concern for patients undergoing a hair transplant is the risk of the surgery. Though no surgery comes without risk, FUE minimizes those risks by changing how grafts are harvested.

Generally speaking, there’s little to worry about when it comes to natural recovery post-surgery as long as you’ve been taking care of yourself leading up to and following your procedure. 

Most people at worst will experience temporary discomfort that settles within days–though exceptions may exist in those with underlying chronic health conditions such as Diabetes or High Blood Pressure which need close monitoring after their procedure.

In essence, FUE is less invasive and safer than any other kind of hair transplant.

Our team of doctors and specialists at our center in Milan have the experience and the expertise to provide the best solutions for hair loss and aging-related issues. 

Our main goal is to ensure that our patients are completely content with their results. We make sure you’re happy and healthy after any procedure. 


If you’re somebody who is struggling with hair loss or other aging-related challenges, contact us today and schedule your free consultation. Starks currently provides age management solutions from clinics located in France, Greece, and Italy. Please click below to find out more about the hair restoration services we offer to our global clientele:

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