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Hyaluronic acid fillers are effective against wrinkles and signs of aging because they fill in areas of depression, give volume, and nourish the skin with a substance that makes it naturally young. An unknown use of hyaluronic acid fillers is in the treatment of facial scars or trauma. 


In fact, scars damage the normal elasticity of the skin and create imbalances in facial volumes and areas of depression. Cosmetic surgery can improve the appearance of the most severe or obvious traumas. Still, hyaluronic acid fillers can effectively complement surgery and act on the skin’s volumes and elasticity.


Hyaluronic acid: why it is effective against scars


Hyaluronic acid fillers are effective in correcting depressions and disproportions caused by trauma or scarring. In particular, hyaluronic acid treatment is indicated for the eyebrows, forehead, cheekbones, chin, jaw, and nose. In these cases, the filler can fill in the furrows hollowed out by the scars, making the surface and volumes of the area much more uniform, evening out the depressed areas with the rest of the skin.


Since hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by skin cells responsible for its elasticity and youth, fillers will be valuable allies. They will make the damaged skin more elastic and capable of regenerating itself, improving the scarred area’s condition.


Not only antiaging or “retouching”: hyaluronic acid fillers can be an essential solution to give security and serenity to those who need to counteract the presence of scars or trauma to the face.


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