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The Hamilton Norwood Hair Loss Scale is a tool to assess the severity of a man’s hair loss, in other words; the level of baldness. Men lose their hair in different patterns and in different places. Some may lose hair only from the temples, some may suffer from hair loss on the back of the head called vertex, and others may have a hairline that recedes at the same time from hair loss at the back.


To get a clear idea of ​​the Norwood Hamilton scale, you can easily spot your stage of hair loss on the scale by looking at the explanations below provided by Starks, a clinic specializing in hair services.


Steps of the Norwood Hamilton Ladder

Norwood Hamilton Ladder – Step 1

Stage 1 is for barely visible hair loss in the roots. Therefore, there is no need for treatment. But, if you already have genetic hair loss in your family, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist to guide you as to the treatment to follow.

Norwood Hamilton Ladder – Step 2

This step is for hair loss on the front temporal sides, the shape is like triangular on both parts. A little hair loss also appears in the middle of the head and in front. At this point, it is best to understand what are the reasons for this type of hair loss, whether it is male pattern baldness or some other reason.

Norwood Hamilton Ladder – Step 3

From step 3 we can start talking about baldness, although it is considered to be a moderate degree of hair loss. Baldness in the temples is in this phase is clearly visible with a sometimes disturbing asymmetry. A little hair loss in the crown area can also occur at this stage.

Norwood Hamilton Ladder – Step 4

A moderate level of hair loss on the front temporal sides as well as a small bare area can be observed in the crown part. From the hairline to the crown, in the middle of the scalp, we can detect hairs of less density.

Norwood Hamilton Ladder – Step 5

Moderate to severe hair loss is visible in stage 5. Hair loss in the back at the top of the head and in the front temporal parts is a natural occurrence. However, baldness in the temporal and vertex regions is more prominent than before.

Norwood Hamilton Ladder – Step 6

At this point, we can talk about a significant area of ​​baldness and considerable hair loss. From the hairline to the crown area, the bald area only has very fine hair. In addition, the hair loss on the sides is greater.

Norwood Hamilton Ladder – Step 7

This is a very advanced baldness. The hair is only present on the back of the head from side to side. Since the bald area is very large, the hair transplant will only cover part, not all. Thus, this type of baldness may require more than one hair transplant session.


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