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If you’re lucky enough to get older, and you don’t have any significant health problems, you’ll notice that your body changes in interesting and sometimes unexpected ways. The fat under your skin will redistribute, the hormones your body makes will change in intensity and volume, and your muscle tone will start to fade. Advancing in years also makes it more likely that we’ll grow hair in unwanted places.

Hair Growth

More hair isn’t always better, especially when it grows where we don’t necessarily want it. But even that can be a little misleading because that hair was always there. That’s one of the things that makes us mammals, after all. If you look closely even at parts of your skin where you haven’t typically been “hairy” you’ll notice small, uncolored hairs called vellus. When our bodies go through changes, like puberty, various hormones can cause those hairs to change. 

Adolescence Hair Changes

During adolescence, we begin to produce more testosterone, which is why the hair on various parts of our bodies gets darker and thicker. When the testosterone receptors on those follicles get the message, they start growing and then stop at a length consistent with the genetic information for that part of the body. This is why leg hair, for instance, doesn’t get as long as Chewbacca’s.

As time goes on, the cumulative effect of all that testosterone can make weird or unwanted changes to our bodies. Testosterone, after all, is the primary factor in male pattern baldness, and the main reason why men are more likely to experience hair loss in such specific patterns. So much testosterone in your body for so many years finally catches up with you by causing a number of unwanted effects, like the growth of hair in unwanted places. This is why we can see what looks like new hairs growing inside our ears or on our backs. This isn’t new hair at all, but hair that’s always been there that has been convinced to grow darker and thicker by the messages from constant testosterone for so long.  


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