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Light is a sign of beauty and health. That’s why we are always looking for remedies to brighten hair and skin.

Many cosmetic or natural products nourish and brighten the hair—for example, organic hair lightening products, which guarantee healthy, shiny hair for satisfaction and security.

Cuticles largely give brightness to the hair. The cuticles are the scales that it is composed of and can be open or closed. When they are open, the hair will be opaque and dull; when they are closed, it will reflect light more quickly and therefore will be bright, as well as softer.

Open cuticles and dull hair: why?

Often the hair cuticles are open, which makes the hair dull and dry. What does that depend on? It is a predisposition in many cases, but this condition can be caused by stress on the hair.

Dry and weak hair, for example, will tend to wear out and appear dull, and is prone to breaking and thinning. This condition can be caused by bad eating habits, smoking, or irritating environmental conditions such as smog, cold, humidity, and sun. All these factors consume the layer of ceramides that protects the hair faster, causing the cuticles to open and, therefore, an opaque effect.

It is essential to treat the hair with tested products that strengthen hair’s natural defenses or, in severe cases, regenerate them. There are many products to take care of hair and make it healthy and shiny. Organic products can be the right solution because they are entirely natural. 

Shiny hair: The Starks remedies

Starks Clinics have patented several hair health remedies. The first step is always to understand the real health of the hair. This is possible to do through trichoscopy, a microscopic investigation that closely examines the hair. This also makes it possible to see the opening or closing of the cuticles.

Starks uses two nourishing and revitalizing treatments for the hair: mesotherapy and light therapy.

Mesotherapy is a nourishing treatment of the hair follicles through microinjections of a patented blend of vitamins and substances naturally produced by the cells, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. 

Luminotherapy, on the other hand, is a highly technological treatment that, thanks to a helmet patented by Starks, exposes the hair to a low-frequency LED light that naturally reactivates the cellular vitality of the hair, making it much healthier, hydrated, robust and, therefore, bright.

Start your wellness journey today: shiny hair is healthy hair.

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