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For many men and women, hair can be fun. But what’s not fun is damaged hair. As we age, our hair’s health tends to break down. Some of this is directly related to age, but some of it is linked to our past behaviors.

All the same, life is fun, and hair has always been a part of that fun journey. We want exciting looks. And, well, we can’t turn back the years.

Knowing how to restore damaged hair can help facilitate a healthier head of hair that ages a bit easier.

If you’re hair is thinning, the best thing you can do is look into Stark’s hair restoration services. But in the meantime, there are ways to help restore damaged hair.

Turn Down The Heat

The heat is on, and it’s not helping anything.

Blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons, all leverage extremely high temperatures in helping shape hairstyles. We often warn our children that the “curling iron is hot” because we don’t want them to burn their skin.

But the same heat that can burn a toddler’s hands is the same heat that can damage healthy hair.

Heat is essential to the styling process, but too much heat breaks hair follicles and creates an unhealthy scalp environment.

All of your products should have a way to lower and throttle temperature. Take advantage, because over time, such mechanisms can help restore your damaged hair.

When Wet, Be Gentle

Wet and tangles hair are a recipe for disaster, particularly when met by harsh combing. While you may want to grind it out and brush out those wet tangles, you need to understand that you may be causing long-term hair damage.

If you must comb your wet hair, buy a comb with wide teeth that allows more hair to pass through. This means less stoppage which results in less tugging at healthy hair follicles.

You also don’t want to harshly rub your wet hair with a towel. This creates damaging friction. Find a softer cloth to help reduce friction when drying wet hair.

Split Ends Be Gone

When hair splits, it untangles from the scalp up. This creates hair follicle breaks and splits and even a frizzy-like appearance.

Make sure to use conditioners and shampoos that help keep your hair moist and healthy. Also, trim off split ends. This can happen during your regular hair stylist visits. You don’t have to chop off half your hair to prevent split ends, just a little will do.

Water Is Your Friend

It may sound basic, but drinking water to help hydrate your skin can help your hair fix old damage and prevent new instances of damage.

We are always told to drink lots of water, but really, we should!

You scalp is made of your body’s biggest organ, which is your skin. Keep your skin hydrated by keeping your body hydrated with lots of water.

Limit The Pool

We love our summertime pool days.

But our hair? Not so much.

The mix of chlorine and harsh sun can wreak havoc on our hair’s health and result in damage.


You can restore damaged hair and prevent future damaged hair by implementing a few basic lifestyle changes. But if you’re hair is suffering from thinning or balding due to age, you might consider Starks’ hair restoration services. Contact our offices today.



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