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For many of us, hair is a source of pleasure. But all this pleasure disappears when they are damaged. With age, the health of our hair tends to deteriorate. However, age is not solely responsible for this alteration, which can also result from our previous behavior.

Despite everything, we want to enjoy life, and our hair is an integral part of it. We want to appear to our advantage. And, of course, we cannot go back in time.

But if we learn how to repair damaged hair, it will help us restore good health and a more youthful appearance.

If your hair is thinner, the best is to use Starks hair restoration services. In the meantime, there are ways to improve the condition of your damaged hair.

Lower the temperature

Too high a temperature makes our hair suffer.

Hairdryers, straighteners, curling irons … They help us get the hairstyle we want, but all work at extremely high temperatures. We warn our children that « the curling iron is hot » because we don’t want them to burn their skin.

But this heat, which can burn a child’s hands, can also damage healthy hair.

Even if heat plays an essential role for styling, excessive exposure to high temperatures breaks the hair follicles and creates an unfavorable environment for the scalp.

Your accessories should be able to operate at low temperatures and at idle. Feel free to use them as well. Over time, this will help you regain beautiful hair.

Wet hair requires a lot of softness

Wet and tangled hair: a combination that can be disastrous, especially if it is accompanied by an aggressive detangling with a comb. Certainly, you have only one desire: to get rid of these knots that form your damp hair. But this bad habit can cause lasting damage to your hair.

If you really want to comb them wet, use a comb with spaced teeth, which lets more hair pass between them. It will hang less in your hair, and you will pull less on healthy hair follicles.

Also avoid rubbing your hair bluntly with a towel, as this rubbing damages them. Better to dry them with a softer cloth.

Eliminate the forks

When a hair is forked, it can go up to the scalp. This can damage and split the hair follicle, and give the hair a curly appearance.

Be sure to use shampoos and conditioners that hydrate your hair and keep it healthy. You will also need to cut the split ends. This can be done during your next appointment with the hairdresser. No need to shorten your hair in half to avoid split ends, cutting off the ends a bit is enough.

Water is your friend

If drinking water allows you to hydrate your skin, it can also help your hair repair previous damage and avoid new ones.

We are always told to drink lots of water and, frankly, this is a great recommendation!

The scalp is made up of the most extensive organ of our body: the skin. To hydrate your skin, hydrate your body by drinking lots of water.

The swimming pool: in moderation

We love spending time in the pool in the summer.

What about our hair? They don’t enjoy it as much.

The combined action of chlorine and the scorching sun has the effect of damaging the hair.


It is possible to repair damaged hair and avoid further damage by modifying some of our habits. However, if you suffer from baldness or thinning hair due to age, consider using Starks hair restoration services. Contact our offices today.


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