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Balding is a frustrating condition that can cause emotional issues. Both men and women who experience hair loss often feel depressed and anxious as a result. Because of this, hair loss solutions have cropped up all over the place.

You’ve seen the ads on Facebook. You’ve heard about hair loss solutions from friends.

But what really works?

Let’s explore.

What are viable hair loss solutions?

There are many viable hair loss solutions. But it is important to do your research and realize that some hair loss solutions are superior.

Instead of believing the hype, allow me to break down a few of the more popular hair loss solutions.

How does a PRP Hair Restoration Transplant treat hair loss?

There is little doubt in the scientific community that one of the best ways to fight hair loss is through a PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) hair restoration procedure.

From a general perspective, Platelet-Rich Plasma procedure means leveraging one’s own blood to heal. It’s widespread use in sports medicine popularized the procedure prior to its use in hair restoration.

In PRP hair restoration, a centrifuge is used to filter blood down to layers. There are a few essential layers of noteworthiness, including red blood cells, platelet-poor plasma, and platelet-rich plasma.

PRP hair restoration will use the platelet-rich plasma layer. In a PRP hair restoration procedure, the platelet-rich plasma is put into a syringe and then injected into the balding areas of the head.

Numerous studies, including a 2015 Italian study, have shown that PRP hair restoration benefits are viable. The results of the study included hair density increases for the subjects. Of 23 patients, only four showed continued hair loss. That’s an amazing result and one of the core reasons why so many men and women opt to use PRP hair restoration.

PRP hair restoration typically takes about six months to get going. PRP hair benefits typically last for roughly a year. In other words, you’ll need to plan for PRP injections in order to continue your hair growth momentum.

But the science doesn’t lie, PRP hair restoration is one of the best hair loss solutions you’ll come across.

How does LED Light Treatment treat hair loss?

As a chemical free option, LED Light Treatment first gained popularity in 2009 when the FDA approved a specific device. LED Light Treatment is a non-invasive and chemical free solution to improved hair growth.

The service, also offered by Starks Global, promotes hair growth by way of a laser light system. A comb mechanism located on the device acts to pull hair apart and allow more of the laser light to reach the scalp.

This process stimulates the growth of new hair.

LED Light Treatment gets great reviews and tends to work for the majority of folks.

How does Rogaine treat hair loss?

Without question, Rogaine is the most popular hair loss solution in the world. Medically known as minoxidil, Rogaine’s fame comes as a result of billions of dollars in advertising and high consumer approval ratings.

When it comes to Rogaine’s popularity, things aren’t smoke and mirrors.

Science has shown that Rogaine’s ability to dilate the scalp’s blood vessels can improve growth potential for hair follicles. But with Rogaine, success hardly comes without risks. Rogaine side effects are well documented. Many men and women experience chest pain, dizziness, confusion, flushing, scalp irritation, and even unwanted facial hair growth.

Originally discovered while searching for medications to help lower blood pressure, Rogaine’s ability to fuel hair growth was one of the mainstream’s first popular hair treatment ventures.

Today, Rogaine is commonly prescribed for hair loss, but it’s laden with side effects.

How do you find a hair loss solution that works?

The science of hair loss has evolved far beyond our wildest expectations. But the hair restoration industry remains riddled with fake science and “gurus” looking to make a buck. It’s important to stick to hair loss solutions that are scientifically proven to work, such as PRP hair restoration and LaserComb therapy. Both are available at StarksGlobal locations worldwide.

Make sure you run any wild claims by your doctor before trying them. It’s important to keep your family medical professional informed of any potential medications, supplements, or procedures you may have in mind.

Learn more about Starks’ PRP hair procedure.



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