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For many people, surgical hair restoration procedures are intimidating. That’s mostly due to the potential for hair restoration procedure side effects.

The truth is, most hair restoration side effects are, for all intents and purposes, mild. But understandably, some people remain timid over the matter.

At Starks, our hair transplantation services are performed in a comfortable environment and typically, side effects are mild.

That said, non-surgical hair restoration can be a wonderful fit for a great many people. If you’re experiencing thinning hair and are seeking to learn more about non-surgical hair restoration, you’ve found the right place.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Services, Benefits

Non-surgical hair restoration services offer great benefits to those who might be a bit uneasy with potential side effects from anesthetics. At Starks, we offer a number of comfortable services that help solve the issue of thinning hair.

Let’s have a look.


Many people don’t realize that light is an essential part of our hair’s health. Light encourages hair growth. When light is used on our scalps, it promotes the creation of vitamin D, a vitamin that is necessary to the growth of new, healthy hair follicles. Additionally, light stimulates blood flow throughout the scalp, which helps create a hair growth ecosystem.

This is why the Fall season is notorious for increased balding. Less light can often be tied to less hair.

At Starks, we use a Cold LED lighting helmet to help curb the loss of hair and promote new hair growth.

Luminotherapy, as it is called, helps activate hair follicles.

The great news for those uneasy about surgical procedures is that lighter therapy is fast and painless. Those who choose to use Starks’ Luminotherapy can expect 30 minute sessions on average. Feel free to text or read a book, it’s that easy!


Humans need nourishment if we want to thrive. The same can be said for your hair and scalp. This is why major shampoo brands market products that feature vitamins.

At Starks, our Mesotherapy provides hair and scalp nourishment through beneficial injections. The injections fill your scalp with essential vitamins and hyaluronic acid, both of which help hair growth thrive.

The injections are fast and easy, they hardly penetrate the scalp. You’ll have no side effects.

Mesotherapy is more efficient than shampoos or lotions and the results are fast.


While surgical hair transplant procedure side effects are mild, that doesn’t mean that some people can’t get over their fears.

For those people, Starks offers both Mesotherapy and Luminotherapy services that have been proven to combat hair loss with the best of them.



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