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Women experiencing hair loss are often frustrated more than just over their thinning hair. Many women have a difficult time finding hair loss solutions because most hair loss services and products appear to cater only to men.

But nothing could be further from the truth. 

There are lots of women’s hair loss solutions. And we will get to those. 

But before beating hair loss for women, let’s have a look at why women lose their hair.

What causes female hair loss?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, people lose between 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. It’s a natural balancing act performed by the scalp. 

In the same report, it states that 50% of women will experience some form of hair loss. Hair loss is most common in women over 40, women who just gave birth, women who experienced chemotherapy, and women who sport tight braids and ponytails.

There are a few notable causes of women’s hair loss.

Hair Style: When a woman styles her hair in way that pulls at the roots, it can encourage hair loss. Super tight ponytails and braids are notorious for pulling out hair. This is called traction alopecia. The damage to the follicles is often permanent.

Genetics: Female-pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia, often increases as estrogen levels drop through menopause. 

Cancer Treatments: Cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy take a toll on women’s hair. 

How can women regrow thinning hair?

Most of the time, women’s hair loss is permanent unless the woman chooses to undergo a women’s hair loss procedure. Starks offers a number of women’s hair loss services, those are listed below. 

Is female hair loss reversible?

If a woman chooses to leverage one of a number of hair loss procedures, hair loss can be avoided and reversed. 

What options do women have?

Women, no different than men, have a number of viable hair loss options. And fortunately, Starks offers those products and services to women who want to beat hair loss.

FUE One-Touch

A painless procedure that’s built its reputation on not only being successful at producing natural looking hair, but also for leaving no scars. 

Women who use FUE One-Touch return to work within one week’s time, which is a testament to how mild FUE One-Touch is. 

The FUE hair transplant technique consists of transferring a woman’s hair follicles from one part of the body to the back of the head to the thinning area. This means viable, healthy hair follicles are placed on the scalp, where they are needed most and solve the issue of thinning hair. 

FUE One-Touch is a manual approach that’s been proven time and time again to be a top hair loss solution for women.

Luminotherapy and Mesotherapy for Women

Women interested in a non-surgical hair loss procedure can leverage the proven science of both Luminotherapy and Mesotherapy.

Luminotherapy uses Cold LED Lighting by way of a scientifically proven, technologically advanced helmet. By infusing the scalp with low energy light, follicles are activated and the production of hair begins again.

Starks’s exclusive LED “Hair Science” helmet is customized with advanced technology that creates an electromagnetic field and low intensity LED lasers. 

This helps women’s hair regain it’s youthful vitality.

Mesotherapy is a popular women’s hair loss treatment that infuses the scalp with vital vitamins and hyaluronic acid. 

These shallow and hardly noticeable injections are done with micro-needles. Being that the scalp is barely penetrated, the patient feels barely anything. 


There are lots of women’s hair loss solutions. Unfortunately, with so much focus on men’s hair loss, women often don’t realize their potential to stop thinning hair.

At Starks, our services cater to both women and men. 



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