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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FUE One Touch a safe procedure?

Yes Fue One Touch is an absolute safe procedure. Firstly it is performed only by specialized doctors who have vast experience and have undergone intensive training. At Starks centers we collaborate with doctors that have a global experience of many years. Moreover, the technique is performed with single use instruments, in a sterile environment that guarantees the safety of our patients. In contrast with the FUT technique where the is intensive scarring of the donor area and many patients experience post sessions infections, the FUE One Touch is minimally invasive and therefore there are no risks of infection.

Un trapianto di capelli è doloroso?

No the FUE One Touch is not a painful procedure. You might feel a slight discomfort with the first pinch of anesthesia but that is all. Also, since there is no scarring as in FUT, the post session recovery is fast and patients only feel a slight headache a couple of hours after the session.

Quanto tempo dura il trapianto di capelli?

Depending the amount of follicles to be placed you may expect a hair transplant session to last from 3 to 6 hours. At Starks centers we ensure that we give you a great experience during those hours. Our medical team will take care of your comfort during the procedure. You might enjoy a nice lunch, a movie on Netflix or play your favorite games !

Il trapianto di capelli provoca cicatrici?

The FUE One Touch technique is minimally invasive and practically scar free. The extraction and the implantation are being done with special instruments of less than 1.00mm diameter therefore after a few days you can’t even see the signs of the transplant.

How much time is needed off work?

You might go back to work after a couple of days. For 48 hours after the transplant we recommend that you spray the implanted follicles with natural saline every 30 minutes! If you want to keep the treatment for yourself then you can safely go back to work after a week without anyone being able to notice you ve undergone such procedure

Quando sarà bello il mio trapianto di capelli?

The results start to show he 3rd month after the session. Normally the growth is completed 70% during the first 6 months and the overall result is shown in a 12 months period. But this may vary frm patient to patient.

Do I necessarily have to shave my hair?

Depending your case, we offer different options at Starks. You can have  total shave, a marine shave which means we only trim the donor area or even line shave if you keep your hair longer. In some cases even completely unshaven sessions are performed by our team of specialists. Usually for unshaven sessions more time is needed to achieve the optimum grafts number but the results are still the same.

Quanto velocemente funziona un trapianto di capelli?

Unfortunately hairloss and androgenetic alopecia is an ongoing problem. Therefore, depending the Norwood classification of the alopecia, the age of the patient and his family history a different conservative plan might be needed to prolong the life of his existing hair. The best thing is that the transplanted hair don’t go, they grow normally and they last for a lifetime.

Are the results going to be natural?

Absolutely. FUE One Touch technique guaranteed natural result. This is because our medical experts will do a detailed implantation plan based on the individual needs of each patient  plus the hairs are implanted with special devices called implanters. With implanters we can totally control, the depth, the angle and the direction of the hairs in order to achieve a complete natural result.

Quanto costa fare un trapianto di capelli?

The price of a hair transplant procedure is subject of certain factors. The number of grafts, the hours needed for the transplant as well as the type of shaving. At Starks our aim is to offer high end medical services at affordable prices. Plus we have specific payment plans so that you will never sacrifice quality over price.