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Our Mission

Since our beginnings, we have been developing an approach to hair treatment focused on our patients’ well-being. Regardless of which Starks center you choose, we welcome you into a reassuring and modern atmosphere, bolster your treatment with high quality performance and offer a personalized tracking of your needs before, during, and after your procedure.
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“A perfect mastery
of the process and a
welcoming team”
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– William, 42

“A perfect mastery of the process and a welcoming team”
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– William, 42

An in-depth and free consultation

Your treatment plan is individualized and adapted to your type of hair loss: worked out in detail for your case. We will discuss your personal needs and goals at length. and establish a specific diagnosis. Our team of medical professionals will take into account any factors tied into to your situation (genetic history, density of the donor area, thickness of the hair…) so as to adapt our solutions to your specific situation. Indeed, this personalized plan of action is more effective than generic or standardized treatments, and is established after a free consultation in your chosen Starks center, by one of our specialists.


Why Starks?

  • Here at Starks, we understand the importance your appearance holds for you. From our first meeting to the care following your procedure, a dedicated specialist trained in the latest techniques of hair implants will be put at your disposal.
  • Our team is available every step of the way to answer your questions, be they practical or technical, and to help guide you towards the best treatments for your specific case.

What our patients have to say

I could use many fine words to describe the exemplary welcome and treatment I received at Starks but I think the following anecdote says far more - I recently visited a walk-in hairdresser in London the young man cutting my hair quite simply refused to believe my hair was anything but my own original head of hair, to the point that I returned the following day with my old telephone containing the before and after photographs , within minutes I found myself surrounded by all the employees of the salon admiring in disbelief the masterwork accomplished by the Starks team. I must add a special thank you to Corine for her attention to the small details that made everything so much easier and pleasant

The consultant explained the prep very clearly. The doctor listened carefully to my thoughts about the "design". I joked that I don't want to end up looking like werewolf: I want to keep my naturally high forehead, but fill in towards corners/edges. He understood completely and came up with an excellent design (a bit different from what many want).
The room was comfortable, and the lidocaine worked beautifully, so it was painless. It took around 5.5 hours of work (that's not including a couple breaks, which we all needed).
The doctors and consultant explained the complicated post-op procedures to me with crystal-clarity, as well as the important matter of when I could expect what. Thanks again for making this possible.

Great team that not only took on my hair transplant in a speedy and professional manner, but also reassured me about my transplant choice throughout the process.

I have reached my personal goal, and have had very professional advice and follow-ups. No discomfort or pain during or after the procedure. I highly recommend Starks !

Thrilled with the result. No losses the first few months, which results in denser hair after only a couple of weeks. The follow-up with Corine is always very pleasant and professional.I deeply advise all my friends with receding hairlines to go to Starks.

9 months after the procedure, I am completely thrilled with the result. I recommend this procedure to anybody interested in a hair transplant.