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In today’s blog, we will be discussing a very specific treatment called LLLT phototherapy. Thanks to LLLT phototherapy, a person suffering from hair loss can restore their hair and improve the results of a hair transplant procedure.

LLLT is the acronym corresponding to Low-Level Laser Light Treatment. This phototherapy procedure uses light to restore elasticity and strength to the hair, which results in healthier, more vigorous hair.

This painless treatment has few side effects for patients. The name itself is based on the use, by LLLT phototherapy, of low intensity LED light to stimulate cells to increase protein production. When protein production increases, this results in thicker skin on the scalp, which facilitates hair regeneration.

Although everyone reacts differently to LLLT phototherapy, the vast majority of people see an improvement in the health of their hair. At Starks, we often combine natural and scientifically proven food supplements like vitamin B, zinc and acetylcysteine ​​with LLLT phototherapy.

Light therapy is a great way for a person with alopecia to improve the strength and volume of their hair. It is a completely painless treatment performed with the registered Hairscience® helmet, a device exclusive to all Starks centers around the world. This innovative helmet diffuses ultra-targeted low-intensity LED light beams, which treat the affected areas of the scalp.

This unique and sophisticated treatment for hair loss combines a number of frequencies and unique colors thanks to electromagnetic properties diffused in the scalp through the helmet. The Hairscience® helmet and phototherapy for hair restoration are methods that are suitable for men and women of all ages. For anyone who wants to revitalize or restore their hair, this is an attractive option.

LLLT phototherapy sessions last approximately 30 minutes. During the treatment, you can relax with a good book or your favorite music. After about five days, the production of collagen on your scalp can increase five to thirty times.

LLLT treatment improves hair density and decreases the damaging effects of alopecia, thyroid dysfunction or even iron deficiency. Starks’ healthcare professionals can advise you on combination treatments that speed up hair revitalization results.

In addition, LLLT treatments can help prevent seasonal or post-transplant hair loss.

All patients who have suffered a significant hair loss due to great anxiety, as well as women who often, after menopause, want to thicken their hair and regain their previous hair can now find the treatment that is right for them.

Visit one of our Starks centers and start your journey to healthier hair today.


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Grec: Επαναφέρετε την ελαστικότητα και τη δύναμη στα μαλλιά, χάρη στη θεραπεία LLLT Φωτοθεραπεία

Italien: Ripristina l’elasticità e la forza dei capelli grazie alla fototerapia LLLT

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