You are a man who is considering a hair transplant. You want to enjoy life with fuller hair. You know that such an intervention will benefit you not only aesthetically but also mentally. Thinning your hair, or baldness, is a source of anxiety and depression for you. Today, you finally see the end of the tunnel.

But what happens after a hair transplant? What to expect

We will first examine the immediate aftermath of the transplant, and then describe its long-term effects.

What to expect right after your hair transplant

Your hair transplant is complete. You have made a decision that you hope will make you happier and more confident for many years to come. But hey, this first week will not be the most wonderful of your life. Before reaping the benefits of your hair transplant, you will need to overcome some difficulties.

Your scalp will be sensitive

You have just had a scalp operation. This results in a sensitivity of your scalp to touch. In fact, according to WebMD , your scalp will be « very sensitive. » This is a normal consequence of almost all medical procedures, including those for cosmetic purposes. You shouldn’t be worried about this sensitivity, and your doctor will tell you how long you are likely to experience mild discomfort.

You may need to take medication

As with any surgery, you may need to take medication. Medications prescribed after a hair transplant usually include antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. Some patients are prescribed Rogaine to promote hair regrowth.

These drugs help speed healing and relieve discomfort.

You will have to wear bandages (only for a day, rest assured)

Longer hair is what brings you a hair transplant in the long term. However, at the time, you will need to protect your hair implants with bandages. But rest assured, you will only wear these dressings for one day!

What to expect a few months after your hair transplant

You no longer have bandages, the sensitivity of your scalp to touch has disappeared and your drug treatment is finished. The recovery process associated with hair restoration is also complete.

And now ?

Your transplanted hair will give way to your own hair

A few weeks after the operation, your transplanted hair will fall out. Do not panic ! They will be replaced by new hair, which will start to grow after six to twelve months. This is a completely normal phenomenon, which your doctor will explain to you in detail.

New hair will start to grow

Let’s move on to the cheering news.

After six to twelve months, your new hair follicles will start to grow. Your scalp will be the seat of a new activity. The “balding” effect will fade as new hair densifies the surface hair layer.

At this stage, unlike implanted hair, the new natural hair will remain. This post-recovery stage is the one you have been looking forward to. The one for which you have chosen to have a transplant.

You will regain confidence in yourself

Your baldness was a source of stress and anxiety. You had lost confidence in yourself. Your romantic relationships suffered.

This is what pushed you to opt for a hair restoration intervention.

You did well. As you find hair in sparse areas, you also find two precious things: self-confidence and self-esteem.

You will wear a hat less often

Admit that you discovered a passion for hats when you noticed that you were losing your hair. This is what happens, quite normally, for many men who experience baldness.

When your new hair starts to grow, you will find that some of your headgear will stay in the closet.

You will no longer hesitate to participate in events where wearing a hat is unusual, or even impractical at all. If you once avoided these events, you will be happy to participate now that your hair becomes fuller.


Hair restoration offers other benefits than improving your hair. It increases your self-confidence and reduces your anxiety. You can finally participate in events where wearing a hat is really impractical. And your love life will improve as you gain confidence.


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