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Going bald is frustrating and can cause emotional problems. Men and women with hair loss often feel depressed and anxious. To remedy this, many solutions have emerged.

You may have seen ads on Facebook. Friends have told you about these solutions for hair loss.

But which ones really work?

Let’s deepen the subject.

Leaving aside the media aspect

There are many effective solutions against hair loss. But it is important to do your own research and realize that some solutions against hair loss are better than others.

Instead of being swayed by the hype, let us analyze some of the most popular solutions for hair loss.

Hair restoration via PRP 

The scientific community considers that one of the best ways to combat hair loss is to use the PRP (platelet-rich plasma) hair restoration procedure).

Generally speaking, the use of platelet-rich plasma involves using one’s own blood to heal. Its widespread use in sports medicine popularized the procedure before it was applied for hair restoration.

In PRP capillary restoration, a centrifuge is used to filter the blood in layers. There are a few notable essential layers, including red blood cells, platelet-poor plasma, and platelet-rich plasma.

PRP capillary restoration will use the platelet-rich plasma layer. During a PRP capillary restoration procedure, the platelet-rich plasma is placed in a syringe and then injected into the areas affected by baldness of the head.

Numerous studies, including an Italian study from 2015, have shown that the benefits of PRP hair restoration are viable. The results of the study show an increase in the capillary density of the patients. Of the 23 patients, only 4 of them continued to lose their hair. This is an incredible result and one of the main reasons why so many men and women choose to use PRP hair restoration.

Hair restoration via PRP usually takes around six months. The hair benefits of PRP generally last about a year. In other words, you will need to schedule several PRP injections in order to keep your hair growing.

Science does not lie, hair restoration by PRP is one of the best solutions against hair loss.

LED light treatment

If you prefer a simpler option, LED light treatment gained popularity in 2009. LED light treatment is a non-invasive and non-invasive solution chemicals that improves hair growth .

The service, also offered by Starks, promotes hair growth through a laser light system. A comb located on the device separates the hair and favors the access of the laser light on the scalp.

This process stimulates the growth of new hair.

LED light treatment has been well received and tends to work for the majority of people.


Undoubtedly, Rogaine is the most popular solution against hair loss in the world. Medically known as minoxidil, Rogaine has a reputation that is the result of billions of dollars spent on advertising and positive consumer feedback.

Rogaine’s popularity is not usurped.

Science has shown that Rogaine’s ability to dilate the blood vessels in the scalp can improve the growth potential of hair follicles. But with Rogaine, success is not without risks. The side effects of Rogaine are well documented. Many men and women experience chest pain, dizziness, lightheadedness, flushing, irritation of the scalp and even unwanted facial hair growth.

Originally discovered while researching drugs to lower blood pressure, Rogaine’s ability to promote hair growth has enabled him to become one of the first popular methods of treating hair loss.

Today, the Rogaine solution is commonly prescribed to combat hair loss, but is not free from side effects.


Science has exceeded our wildest expectations when it comes to fighting hair loss. But the hair restoration sector is teeming with false sciences and “gurus” attracted by the lure of profit. It is important to stick to scientifically proven solutions to hair loss, such as hair restoration by PRP and LaserComb treatment. Both are available from Starks worldwide.

Before trying them, be sure to raise the subject with your doctor. It is important to keep your family doctor informed of any medication, supplement or procedure that you may be considering.

Learn more about the hair procedure by PRP from Starks.

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Italian: 3 soluzioni per la rigenerazione dei capelli che funzionano davvero

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