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We’ve told you how beneficial a FUE — follicular unit extraction — procedure can be to restoring hair you’ve lost. You might still be wondering why FUE is the procedure of choice for providers like Starks, who are experts in all aspects of hair replacement. There is a reason why Starks and other providers have begun discussing FUE so prominently wherever you look: it is absolutely the best option for surgical hair replacement. 


But you might still not be convinced, so here are the main reasons:

It’s the least invasive method.


Other hair restoration surgeries are highly damaging to the scalp. Hair plugs, the traditional method for many years, involves removing batches of hair surgically and placing them in a pattern on the scalp. FUT (follicular unit transplantation) is similarly traumatic to the body, because it also involves cutting out large amounts of scalp and surgically placing them in the desired location. 


Both of those systems have one thing in common that FUE does not: surgical interventions that involve removing large amounts of the scalp. The follicular donor areas and implant locations of an FUE patient heal within days, not weeks, and the procedure is notably less painful. 

It’s the most precise method. 


With hair plugs and FUT, large patches or strips of skin are moved from one area to another on the patient’s body, usually the scalp. This means that the areas where the hair is placed cover a larger area and, therefore, must cover a predetermined length or width of skin. 


FUE is the precision placement of individual follicles in exactly the places they will look almost like naturally growing hair. Not only that, but the donor follicles can also be chosen individually, making the extraction of hair also look as natural and specific as possible. 


FUE is the clear surgical procedure of choice for all of the above reasons and many more. If you’d like to talk to a hair restoration expert, get in touch with Starks today.


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Thank you for checking out this post. Starks currently provides age management solutions from clinics located in France, Greece, and Italy. Please click below to find out more about the hair restoration services we offer to our global clientele:

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