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Benefits of Mesotherapy

For people with alopecia, the loss of their hair can be detrimental to your body image, severely impacting your self-confidence as you age. Luckily, with advanced technologies like those offered at Starks Age Management, hair loss is no longer a permanent condition. We have the ability to fight hair loss at nearly every stage of development, ensuring that you’ll have the hair you want and deserve for years to come.

What is Mesotherapy

One of our most popular treatment options is a technique called mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is based on the principle that the right nutrients can stimulate hair growth and health, thereby slowing the process of hair loss. Unlike special shampoos and conditioners, which are designed to treat hair health topically, mesotherapy works by applying nutrients directly to the root of the hairs, via injections. These injections contain a proven solution of vitamins and hyaluronic acid, which provide multiple benefits for your hair.

Benefits of Mesotherapy 

Painless Process

Before your mesotherapy procedure, a local numbing agent is applied to the affected area to ensure that your procedure is easy and comfortable. Because the microneedles only penetrate the skin to the middle layer, also known as the mesoderm, the process does not leave the patient with lasting pain during recovery.

Slows Hair Loss

Mesotherapy is designed to slow the process of hair loss in several ways. The nutrients in the injections are specifically chosen for their rejuvenating properties. Mesotherapy stimulates increased blood flow to the scalp, reduces inflammation, and provides hair follicles with a base of nourishing proteins, vitamins, and minerals that enhance hair growth. 

Neutralizes Excess DHT (dihydrotestosterone)

One of the most common causes of alopecia and male-pattern baldness is due to an excess of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the patient. The overproduction of DHT shortens the life cycles of hairs, which can lead to premature balding, especially along the gulfs and vertex of the scalp. The nutrients used in mesotherapy neutralize excess DHT, thereby allowing hair follicles to resume their normal life-cycle for healthy and prolonged growth.

Reduces Dandruff

An ancillary benefit of the mesotherapy process is the rejuvenation of the scalp itself.  Mesotherapy has been used as a cosmetic procedure for decades, helping to reduce wrinkles, fight eczema, and give skin that “glowing” look. In the scalp, the needles used for injection create micro-perforations in the mesoderm, which stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, both of which are key components to healthy skin. At the same time, the injections promote increased blood flow, which contributes to both a healthy scalp and strong and healthy hair follicles. Mesotherapy does all of this without damaging existing collagen, so it only increases the presence of this beneficial chemical in your scalp. The result? Healthy, hydrated skin that is less likely to produce annoying dandruff.

Fast Recovery & Effectiveness

Although the overall process of mesotherapy can take place over the course of several weeks or months, recovery from each session is fast and virtually painless. While some patients may experience soreness of the scalp or minimal bruising from the microinjections, these side effects normally heal in less than a week of the procedure. Additionally, in contrast to the hair transplant process, the effect of mesotherapy can be seen quickly, often within days to weeks.

Getting Results with Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a proven and effective way to slow hair loss and promote healthy, voluminous hair for years to come. The process is suitable for both men and women experiencing alopecia at several stages of development. To find out if mesotherapy is the right solution for you, speak with one of the treatment specialists at Starks. We’ll be here for you every step of the way, and ensure that you get the hair you’ll love.

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