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A recent study, published this summer by a group of Korean researchers, shows that men who spend a lot of time at work are more likely to lose their hair. So, relax!

Back with Starks, a clinic specializing in hair services, on this study and the impact of stress and work on alopecia.


The study and its results


The study, led by a group of Korean researchers and published this summer in the US National Library of Medicine, demonstrates the link between work stress and hair loss.

In total, more than 13,000 men participated in this study. It was conducted for four years to make the connection between baldness and time spent at work. Furthermore, this study is a first, because, as a researcher points out, this question has rarely been asked.

The survey methodology was as follows. Different groups have been created according to weekly working time: normal “reference” hours (40 hours per week or less), “long” hours (between 40 and 52 hours) and “very long” hours (more 52 hours per week). Of course, the researchers also took into account the lifestyle and health status of the people participating in the study in order to obtain the most reliable results possible in order to demonstrate the correlation between work and baldness.

The results are final. Indeed, we find that men who spend a lot of time at work are more likely to be prone to premature baldness. Clearly, a man aged 20 to 59 is twice as likely to lose his hair if he spends more than 52 hours working per week, compared to someone who works 40 hours or less per week.

Statistics show that time spent at work is proportional to premature hair loss, regardless of the person’s health. Of course, baldness is even earlier if she smokes and drinks alcohol.


A question of stress and self-confidence


However, it is important to clarify things. Above all, it is a man’s propensity to be stressed which increases the chances of being affected more or less prematurely by baldness.

Researchers believe that this problem is also linked to self-confidence and, therefore, to the psychological health of individuals.


However, rest assured, baldness is not inevitable. Thanks to the hair transplant, it is possible to find dense hair. If you are interested, do not hesitate to seek the advice of experts from Starks, a clinic specializing in FUE.



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