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Let’s be clear: seasonal hair loss is a normal phenomenon. Also called transient alopecia, it lasts between 4 and 6 weeks. During the year, there are two seasonal hair losses: the seasonal entry in the spring and the seasonal entry in the fall.

Often people (men and women) are afraid when they notice that they are losing more hair than usual. However, should we really be afraid of seasonal hair loss? Learn the answer from Starks, a clinic specializing in hair services.

Do You Need to Worry?

There are two cases to consider.

When the hair is healthy (strong, good root and good elasticity), there is no reason to worry about seasonal hair loss. Indeed, lost hair will be replaced by new ones in sufficient quantity and quality.

When the hair is already subject to regular loss, throughout the year, and it is devitalized and fine, seasonal loss can accentuate this phenomenon. In the case of seasonal hair loss in addition to chronic hair loss, regrowth may not be sufficient.

What You Can Do

In the case where the hair is healthy, it is still necessary to take the lead and take care of your hair. You can use essential oil treatments to provide your hair with the nutrients it needs. In addition, the choice of a good shampoo is very important. Starks recommends using a natural shampoo with neutral pH, non-irritating and silicone-free.

In the second case, it is necessary to stimulate the hairline so that it grows in quantity while being strengthened. To this end, Starks offers innovative solutions such as light therapy and mesotherapy.

Last advice, valid for both cases: adopt a healthy and varied diet throughout the year and especially during these periods of seasonal fall. It must be rich in protein, vitamin B, trace elements (zinc, iron, etc.). Finally, drinking lots of water is also very important.

In summary, we must be careful that the seasonal hair loss does not hide androgenic alopecia. If you are worried, you can always have a hair diagnosis at your Starks clinic. In any case, be aware that science has made considerable progress in the treatment of alopecia. Now baldness is no longer a fatality.



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