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Hair loss, or androgenetic alopecia as it’s classified medically, creates stress and anxiety in both men and women of all ages. Because people seek solutions to their hair loss, many Internet sites promote a variety of potential inexpensive, easy to use solutions. One of those hair loss cures involves using saw palmetto.

But does it work? Should people experiencing hair loss turn to a claimed natural solution like saw palmetto prior to using proven medical solutions such as Starks’ FUE One-Touch?

We answer that question and more below.

Using Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss

Surgical procedures are the most proven way to win the battle against hair loss. But many people remain curious over natural hair loss solutions such as saw palmetto.

Saw palmetto is considered an alternative hair loss treatment. As a plant saw palmetto has a rich history in ancient cultures as a source of healing food. The list of possible saw palmetto benefits is more extensive than just that of helping stop hair loss. It’s been linked to treating enlarged prostate and helping to resolve bladder infections.

When it comes to any natural remedy, you want to consider viable scientific data. Without science and research, a natural remedy fails to pass the smell test.

For saw palmetto, the science is decent, but not clear (at least not yet).

Saw Palmetto Research

One of the most prominent saw palmetto studies came from researchers in 2016. But this study focused on saw palmetto’s potential ability to help shrink an enlarged prostate. Because this study’s results were somewhat positive, saw palmetto gained notoriety as a natural cure-all.

But that’s not the entire story.

The only known valid scientific study on saw palmetto and its impact against the reduction in your hair folicles came in 2014. The study evaluated the effects of a topical version of saw palmetto to combat the loss. But the study used only 25 people, though the results were a decent start. Some participants showed an almost 12% gain in hair count after four months in the program.

It’s a decent start but still murky waters.

Saw Palmetto Side Effects

We hear it all the time, “that’s natural, so it won’t cause side effects.”

This mindset is incorrect and, quite frankly, a dangerous mindset. Whether something is a pharmaceutical grade or natural remedy does not determine potential side effects.

Some research has shown that saw palmetto thins the blood. This could create issues if the person supplementing with saw palmetto also takes aspirin or a variety of other blood thinners.

Always seek out professional medical consultation before taking saw palmetto. It’s essential to make sure it’s safe to take in concern with your health condition.

Saw Palmetto Dosage for Hair Loss

If you do intend to supplement with saw palmetto, make sure your doctor provides you with dosage information. There is currently no exact saw palmetto dosage for hair loss, so your doctor will likely consider your current state of health.


Saw palmetto is a natural plant revered by some ancient cultures as medicinal. But research linking saw palmetto and a cure for the loss or thinning of your folicles remains unclear.

Before taking saw palmetto as a solution for your thinning hair or any other ailment, consult your physician.

Procedures such as Starks’ FUE One-Touch remain safer and are long-lasting solutions to hair loss.



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