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Today we will talk about psychogenic alopecia and cases of baldness that are independent of genetics. Here’s how to distinguish it from the more common androgenetic alopecia, along with the treatments that you can undergo.


Psychogenic Alopecia (or baldness caused by stress) refers to the type of baldness – total or partial – that develops independently from genetic factors. This psychosomatic tension is caused by stress and psychological trauma. The commonality between psychogenic alopecia and androgenetic is the excessive production of sebum. Still, a difference of Seborrheic, the excessive production of sebum, is not the cause of baldness but a consequence.


In addition to the excessive production of sebum with psychogenic alopecia, you may encounter seborrheic dermatitis, itching, and trichodynia (hair pain that is obtained by bending the hair in a particular position). Psychogenic baldness can be cured permanently eliminating the source of stress. However, there are a series of solutions to support that can be very useful and effective, too.



Mesotherapy feeds directly on the hair to make it back healthy, and allow hair to regenerate. Injections are targeted to improve the regrowth of hair by directly adding vitamins active in bulb capillaries. 


Hair pigmentation

For natural beard and mustache hair results, the medical tattoo, which simulates hair shaved at 1 mm. On the scalp hair, the dots are indistinguishable from hair.



To strengthen the hair and prevent seasonal hair loss and to increase hair density, this treatment uses LEDs that activate the metabolism of the hair follicles and stimulates its re-growth.


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