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“You get what you pay for.” We can see this most distinctly in the hair restoration procedures done in some clinics in foreign countries, which are more about making fast money, by increasing volumes at a cheaper price, than offering good quality and customer care to the patients. One should always do their homework when choosing where they get hair transplant procedures. Sometimes a deal looks so good you can’t believe it’s real! Of course, it isn’t.

The good question to ask oneself here is: Does that make sense? Is it worthwhile? How do I treat myself now and in the future? Or is quality justly priced the real factor, for a life-time changing procedure that will make you look younger, feel better, and that is going to last for decades?

Which Hair Restoration Procedure is Better?

In some of those hair transplant clinics in other countries, you might encounter a preference for the FUT method of hair transplantation. This is the old way of transferring follicles from a donor area, and involves cutting strips of scalp from one place and transplanting them to the desired location. (So, if you decide one day to shave your head, for vacation, during lockdowns or as a bet between friends, they will see your scars!) We often see these cheaper clinics offering this procedure instead of the other option for hair restoration, called FUE, but the FUE hair transplant process requires specific skills and expertise, and no one matches the quality you’ll get at STARKS Age Management.

FUE, or follicular unit extraction, is the process of transplanting individual follicles from the donor location to the recipient location, in the area where you want your hair to grow. While this is the preferred method for most modern hair transplants, some of the cheaper, less sophisticated clinics might still offer it for a reduced rate. The methods used in these clinics is to make holes in the scalp where the transplanted follicles are implanted. This often causes almost as much scarring as a FUT process!

When you get a good FUE hair transplant process, the transplanting doctor will carefully select the best follicles to take that will leave the remaining scalp looking just as good as before. Also, because hair loss is an ongoing issue for most people, you might want an additional procedure in the future. Good clinics will always keep this in mind when choosing donor follicles. Also, the STARKS Age Management method of FUE hair transplantation leaves no scars at all, and most people won’t be able to tell that you’ve had a procedure done at all. Don’t expect that same kind of consideration in the cheap places! You have to ask yourself: do they care about me as a patient or are they just trying to make some quick money? What is the best decision for the years to come?

Price Differences In Hair Restoration Treatments

We see people who come to us with shoddy, clumsy or just bad hair transplants they received in cheaper clinics in other countries, and they are faced with the decision: do I fix my bad transplant or do I keep it and hope nobody notices? The truth is, of course, they will notice because a bad transplant is far more obvious than a good one. Therefore, the cost to fix the bad transplant is added on to the so-called “cheaper” method.

A hair transplant from lower-quality clinics usually starts extremely low. If the price seems very cheap, that’s because the quality also tends to be low. Cheap prices do not attract good doctors and experts. They make up the difference in volume because many people see the lower cost for the “same” procedure and think they’re getting a deal. What they’re really getting is a small bill for a big life-time problem.


This can happen anywhere, and you should always do plenty of research in who you choose to place your trust with the important duty of helping you feel better about your hair for your many years to come. STARKS Age Management, believes in treating every patient as a person, first and foremost. We take our mission very seriously and will never sacrifice good quality for quick cash return.

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