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Nourishing hair is important, and on the internet, there are many natural methods, like the famous “grandmother’s remedies” that cyclically climb Google’s trends. A current and popular trend right now is using castor oil for healthy and voluminous hair. Let’s see its properties and compare them with mesotherapy, a scientifically rigorous natural solution.

Nature offers many principles that can benefit our health and beauty. For this reason, a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet are always the first ingredients of any beauty routine and healthy practice. Further health support can be obtained by integrating specific remedies. By being natural, these remedies give the idea of ​​being less invasive and providing benefits without contraindications.

Obviously, this is not the case for many natural substances. Some substances have elements that are harmful to us or perhaps merely ineffective. For this reason, scientific research by specialized laboratories, such as Starks, is irreplaceable in discovering and preparing truly effective natural remedies.


Castor oil: properties for the hair

This oil, used for centuries, especially in the East, is extracted from the seeds of Ricinus communis.

It’s most known to be used as a laxative. However, cosmetics have used this ingredient for years. In fact, it is a nourishing and antibacterial substance, and for this reason, it is known to promote hair regrowth and prevent hair loss.

Castor oil promotes health and increases resistance by nourishing the hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. It has an impact not only on the life of the hair, but also on its appearance, making it brighter and softer. Furthermore, it is said to be effective in counteracting alopecia.

Castor oil is antibacterial, so it is used to treat fungal infections of the skin and scalp, and therefore also against dandruff.


Mesotherapy: effective treatment to nourish the hair

To be truly effective, a natural remedy must be tested and perfected in a laboratory through rigorous scientific research. For this reason, the Starks laboratories have patented mesotherapy, a completely natural treatment to nourish the hair, with a guarantee of effectiveness.

Mesotherapy is a treatment that nourishes the hair through the injection, directly into the capillary bulb, of a nourishing solution composed of vitamins, minerals, and hyaluronic acid. A microneedle is used, which does not cause any pain or discomfort. The advantages of this treatment are many.

Vitamins, minerals, and hyaluronic acid are entirely natural substances already present in our body. The nourishing compound patented in our laboratories contains the right quantities, aimed explicitly at nourishing the bulbs.

Furthermore, the highly localized administration method allows you to nourish the areas that need it most, targeting the weakening and loss of hair in a targeted manner. This approach is much easier than spreading lotion on the hair. 


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