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Hair loss affects roughly three out of every ten men. For many of these men, thinning hair contributes to increased anxiety. This results in stress over how a man with thinning hair should approach the act of combing.

Fortunately, Starks has some beneficial tips that help preserve hair while combing it. At Starks, we specialize in hair loss prevention, otherwise known as alopecia.

Your Styling Product Matters

One of the most challenging decisions in concern with combing a balding head of hair is which styling product to use. If you opt for gels or wax-based products, your hair may stick together and expose more of the skull. This, of course, leads to a more pronounced balding appearance.

We advise using powder-based products. Styling powders won’t cause the hair to stick together, and they have the added benefit of increasing hair volume. Styling powder is a colorless solution that won’t interfere with your hair’s natural color. Styling powders are a safer, gentler approach to styling hair.

Try Hair Fibers to Increase Density

Hair fibers help give your hair the illusion of increased thickness. You will need to choose hair fibers that are consistent with the color of your hair; otherwise, it won’t look great.

However, there is one significant disadvantage to hair fibers. During the daytime hours, the added density is less pronounced. This is why many men with thinning hair opt for styling powder instead.

This leads to the ultimate synergy, however, of utilizing both styling powder and hair fiber.

The combination is a win.


When hair thins, it does so in patterns. Any man that’s experienced balding understands this. This makes the way you comb the rest of your hair imperative. Even when you use styling powder and hair fiber, you’ll need to comb your hair appropriately as a way to get to the finish line.

If you lose your hair on one side, you’ll need to style towards the exposed direction.

To help you, here are some examples of haircuts:

The military cut: A tightly cut head of hair. A military haircut helps shape your head and conceal thinning regions.

The Caesar Cup: As the name suggests, this haircut is inspired by Julius Caesar. To achieve, you’ll leave about 2-4 cm of hair that forms a straight bang, which is then capped forward. This haircut helps those who experience frontal lobe balding.



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