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How Common Is Hair Loss For Men And Women?

The short answer to the question posed by the title is this: very! Everybody loses some amount of hair from their bodies at the usual rate of 50 to 100 hairs per day. This is a natural part of life for a person of overall good health. Although that might answer the question, the larger questions still linger: how common is hereditary hair loss, and what can I do about it?


Here’s what men can usually expect:


It should be no surprise to you that hereditary hair loss is common among men. This is called alopecia, and it is the most likely cause of the kind of extensive hair loss that makes us think of balding or male pattern hair loss. This kind of hair loss is determined by genetic factors, though some lifestyle choices or events (like cancer treatments or other medical issues) can make a man lose more hair than usual. In most cases, the person’s genes determine how much hair they will lose over their lifetimes. This kind of hair loss will affect about 50% of all men before the age of 50. 

How Do Men Lose Their Hair?

Men tend to lose their hair in a common pattern, starting with a receding front hairline and a loss of hair on the crown of the scalp (also called the vertex). Because this hair loss pattern is predictable, many men who choose to intervene on their hair loss have many options. 


Here’s what women can expect:

How Do Women Lose Their Hair?

While not as common as male pattern baldness, about 25% of women will experience some level of hair loss over the course of their lives. Although genetic factors are still the primary determiner of whether a woman will lose her hair, things like pregnancy, chronic illness and stress can accelerate this process. Instead of losing hair from the front hairline as men do, women typically experience a loss in hair density throughout the scalp. This happens naturally as women age, but premature hair loss is not uncommon. 


How Do You Stop Hair Loss?


Regardless of your gender or lifestyle, hair loss can be an anxiety-inducing experience. While there are many ways to lose hair, there are relatively few ways to keep it from falling out or to replace the hair you might have already lost. The good news is that nearly every hair restoration option available to men is also available to women, and the treatments you find at Starks, for example our Hair Transplant services, are applicable across the entire spectrum of genders. Hair loss is a problem for everyone.


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