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In our society, physical appearance occupies a rather important place. Men who lose their hair often experience androgenic alopecia, as well as communication called baldness, as a real complex. Fortunately, for many years now, losing your hair is no longer inevitable. Thanks to the progress of science, it is now possible to implant the hair on the bald parts of the skull by removing others from the back of the head – this is called a Hair Transplant, or if you are in Italy is called trapianto di capelli. In our France hair restoration clinic the term for a hair transplant is greffe de cheveux.

Men who wish to have this operation often have many questions jostling in their heads. Among them: can we do a hair transplant at 70? Response from Starks, a clinic specializing in hair services and age management.

What Is A Hair Transplant Operation?

The general principle of the hair transplant operation is quite simple to understand. The surgeon removes hair from the back of the skull, on the Hippocratic crown, to re-implant it in the bald areas. The results are long-lasting because the hair located in the crown is programmed to never fall out, grafts thus retain this genetic memory.

Despite popular belief, hair transplantation is not advised for the elderly. It’s quite the opposite.

Can You Do A Hair Transplant At 70?

We often hear that a hair transplant is not suitable for elderly patients. This misconception is completely false. To say otherwise would be even more accurate.

How Old Do You Have To Be For A Hair Transplant?

Relatively young patients (25-30 years of age) may well undergo hair implant surgery. However, there is a risk that their baldness will spread over time, lessening the effects of the transplant. In this case, a second intervention of hair transplantation services will be necessary to re-densify the new areas affected by baldness.

Sometimes, therefore, it is better to wait and perform the operation at an older age, since the alopecia will have reached its maximum stage. The surgeon will thus be able to directly take the right number of grafts and re-implant them in an optimal and natural way. A second operation will therefore not be necessary.

As long as you have healthy hair on the Hippocratic Crown, there is, therefore, no reason why you cannot have a hair transplant if you are 70 years old. If you think that a hair transplant could improve your self-confidence and your appearance, remember that age is not an obstacle. If you want to do a hair transplant, there is only one parameter to take into account: the quality and density of the hair located on the sides and at the back of your skull.



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