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Hello and welcome back to Starks, today we talk about Tricopigmentation, a very effective and minimally invasive technique dedicated to all people who cannot or do not want to undergo a hair transplant treatment, also recommended as additional support for an autotransplantation intervention.

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Simply invisible to the naked eye, Tricopigmentation is a medical and aesthetic tattoo technique useful to simulate the shaving effect of the hair at 1 millimeter in length and allows for thickening the scalp without resorting to surgery.

We carry out this type of non-invasive intervention, simulating a shaving effect using the medical tattoo technique, a series of dots that mimic the presence of shaved hair.

To do it better, we use a needle similar to that used by tattoo artists. Still, the substantial difference between the tricopigmentation treatment and a common tattoo is given by the use of medical pigments that do not deteriorate over time, ensuring the color unchanging.

Last but not least, a further added value for the successful outcome of the tricopigmentation treatment is given by the experience of the tricopigmentation technicians with whom we collaborate who have been operating in the sector for over twenty years and keep regularly updated by attending the best courses and workshops.

The result of a well-executed hair pigmentation treatment returns a design so natural that it will not be possible to distinguish the difference between the shaved and the drawn hair with the naked eye.


Can I also undergo the Tricopigmentation treatment?

Yes, generally, everyone can undergo this type of treatment because Tricopigmentation is a non-surgical method that can be chosen both as an alternative to the classic hair transplant or as a complement to other treatments, such as the FUE One Touch Autotransplant.

It can even be used as a remedy for poorly performed transplants or accidents that have led to injury or scarring to the scalp.

Tricopigmentation has very few contraindications; it is economically more accessible than a hair transplant, and without convalescence, it guarantees an immediate return to everyday life, right from the moment you leave the clinic.


What are the benefits of hair pigmentation?

By studying the individual cases of the patients who have entrusted us, we have been able to observe several long-lasting benefits, both aesthetically and psychologically.

Anyone who has undergone or intends to undergo an autotransplantation or hair thickening treatment has undoubtedly had to face the first phase of depression or rejection from acceptance of himself. Tricopigmentation has proved to be an excellent solution for having a permanent shaving appearance.

In short, without complications or any days of convalescence, very natural results and a perfect aesthetic result can be achieved. Moreover, one perceives and is perceived by

others as someone who has chosen a shaved haircut: a choice of style very current and shared by many, bald and not; finally, the shaved hair rejuvenates the face.

Tricopigmentation is also useful in all those situations where the patient’s scalp has areas where hair growth is no longer possible, whether for reasons deriving from Androgenic Alopecia or

common baldness, Alopecia Areata, Cicatricial Alopecia, Traction Alopecia or Traumatic Alopecia. 


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