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For people suffering from hair loss or who fear losing their hair, the causes of this phenomenon are a significant concern. Especially with the spread of misinformation on the subject. In this article, Starks, a hair services clinic, will walk us through the real causes of hair loss and enlighten us on some remedies to help regrow it.


Why do men experience hair loss?

Male pattern baldness is one of the common forms of hair loss prevalent in men. They’re naturally prone to hair loss anytime after puberty with among men around 20% suffering from baldness at around 20 years old. For those over 40, the rate of baldness is between 40% and 50%. In general, male pattern baldness is a genetic condition usually inherited from parents, but other reasons can come into play, causing hair loss.


Do hormones affect the scalp?

Referring to Starks, hair loss can be triggered by dihydrotestosterone or DHT. The hair follicle exposed to DHT begins to shrink, and its growth stage becomes shorter. The result is thinner and shorter strands of hair. Over some time, the hair follicles will reach a stage where they will no longer be able to produce hair. Usually, men experience massive hair loss when more than half of the hair follicles in a particular area of ​​their scalp are excessively exposed to DHT.


The hypothesis linked to poor hygiene of the scalp

This hypothesis is not supported by any scientific evidence. If this idea had been plausible, then people living in areas that are severely lacking in water and, therefore, unable to take a regular bath should have been the most affected by hair loss, but as far as we know, this is far from the case. Especially since washing your hair frequently is not a cause of hair loss, but only dislodged the hairs that have already come loose and are ready to come out.


What about hair dye?

The majority of hair dye products contain chemicals that can cause hair breakage. However, they rarely cause the loss of these. But excessive and improper use of styling products such as hair gel, hairspray, or wax can damage the hair. Starks experts advise us to apply these products only to the hair and to avoid direct contact with the scalp. However, cosmetic products do not necessarily damage the hair follicles and do not cause hair loss.


Hair loss and stress

Stress can lead to temporary hair loss. However, the hair will likely grow back once the source of stress is removed. Usually, the cause of hair loss in men is not just stress, but rather a combination of several factors.


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