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Today, we want to talk about the difference between two methods of hair transplantation: the FUT technique, or Strip Transplantation, and the innovative FUE One Touch technique, our improvement of the popular FUE technique

To start, let’s describe what the FUT autotransplantation technique consists of.

FUT Autotransplantation Technique

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is considered the “classic” hair transplant technique. In the past, it was the most used hair transplant technique and it has continued to be the common approach for many years. 

FUT Autotransplantation Technique Procedure

After an initial consultation, FUT transplants proceed by selecting and removing portions of your scalp from the nape of the neck (aka “strips”), considered to be the best donor area on the body. 

Why is this the best place to transplant hair from? Because hair follicles located at the nape of the scalp are not subjected to the hormonal influences that generally cause hair loss.

After being uprooted from the nape, your individual strips are then immersed in a solution that allows the follicles present in the strips to be able to generate new follicles after the transplant has taken place. 

The procedure continues with the division of the entire scalp strip into individual follicles so that they can be re-grafted into the area receiving the transplant through incisions made with a scalpel. 

This first phase of explantation and grafting ends by applying some sutures in the donor area. Your final scar post-procedure is linear and approximately 2 millimeters thick. While you will have scarring, it is very thin and difficult to identify at first sight.

After the transplant, you are then able to leave the clinic. However, you must return to the clinic the following day to:

  • Wash your head
  • Allow doctors to perform an additional check of all grafts
  • Receive all the information necessary for the care and washing of your scalp post-operation

What To Expect After The FUT Autotransplantation Technique

Generally, after the operation is completed, you should expect a feeling of swelling and numbness of the scalp for about 7 days. Within 12 days, the surgeon will then remove the points from the donor area.

The operated area will remain atrophied for a period of time that can vary from one to three months. By month three, the first results of the transplant will be visible and you can proceed with the first Tricopigmentation session, which is useful to hide the post-operative scars. 

The final results of the FUT autotransplant will be realized about a year after the first session.

These, in general, are the typical steps of hair transplantation with the FUT technique. Depending on the center in which you have the operation completed, there may be some small variations. Consult with your clinician before you proceed.

Our Approach To The FUE Hair Transplant Method

As for our variant of the FUE method, the FUE One Touch, which we perform in our hair transplant and care center in [CITY] in [ADDRESS], the steps to follow are different and greatly simplify the whole procedure in comparison to FUT.

FUE One Touch Autotransplantation Technique

The concept of FUT and FUE is similar: 

  • Remove the follicles from a donor area 
  • Graft them in an area called the “recipient”

The initial phase of our One Touch technique is almost identical to the standard FUE autotransplantation technique. We export the individual follicles (although not as a strip, which is the FUT process), and we keep them for the time of the intervention in a solution (Hypo Thermosol®) to allow the follicles to remain alive. Keeping the follicles alive in a solution allows them to reproduce in the following phase after the graft is transplanted in the receiving area. 

The difference of our method is the way in which the individual follicles are replanted in the receiving area of ​​the scalp. 

To do this, we use a tool called the Choi Injector, which allows us to perform a graft with greater accuracy than any transplant practiced with titanium needles. 

Advantages Of The FUE One Touch Technique

Thanks to the Choi Injector, we are able to take individual follicles and graft them without having to make incisions through scalpels. The final result? A very natural, more aesthetically homogeneous, and more precise location for each graft for better inclination, depth, and proximity between the follicles. 

Other advantages? 

  • Less trauma to the scalp and individual follicles 
  • Reduced and minimal mechanical stress
  • Considerable engraftment of the follicles 
  • Less trauma (and pain) for you, the patient

In addition, the Fue One Touch autotransplant, unlike the classic Fut, does not require the removal of the scalp strip. This prevents scarring, shortens healing times, and avoids the need for a second intervention to remove the points.



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