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The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Transplantation is a form of autologous hair which consists of extracting and interconnection of individual follicles, explicitly designed to reduce to a minimum the handling of the bulbs, the hair, and the skin. With our very personal variant of the FUE Transplant, we have made the transplantation technique better.

Thanks to research, scientists have drastically reduced the shock suffered by bulbs and scalp hair. With the FUE Transplant traditional, the individual follicles are taken from the donor area, the rear part of the head. After engraved with a micro scalpel or small needles, the receiver area proceeds with the individual grafts. We have improved an almost perfect technique. At Starks, we decided to make the FUE transplant even more effective by giving life to FUE One Touch. We eliminated the process of drilling the receiver area to bring down a considerable level of stress suffered from the scalp, the bulbs, and the hair. Substantially, the FUE One Touch consists of withdrawing the follicle from the scalp’s donor area with a recently patented apparatus. (for more information, visit

 We also reached another result: thanks to our grafting injector, the individual follicles are positioned much more closely compared to traditional FUE Transplant allowing a final result that is considerably more natural and homogeneous. A tailor-made for a 100% natural result is essential to us. The goal that we Starks have always wanted to achieve was getting a result as more natural as possible, and doing that. We have tested different ways of engaging the follicles. By studying the individual cases presented, we conclude: the effectiveness of FUE One Touch is given the customization graft on the individual patient. Having developed a particular injector, the ‘ Injector Choi has done is that every single area of the scalp hair of every patient could be different. The direction that follows the hair and any roses or dizziness can be reconstructed in such a way that looks 100% natural. Thanks to the possibility of choosing the degree of inclination, direction, and depth, the single follicle must be in a phase of graft.


The FUE One Touch Transplant and the Choi Injector allow to obtain personalized and agreed results between doctor and patient with minimum trauma and maximum results.  

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