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Although Starks specializes in helping you gain hair in the places you want it, we often see questions like this: will my hair grow back thicker if I shave? 


Despite studies proving that shaving has no effect on hair growth since 1928, the myth persists to this day. One reason for this might be found in the hair growth cycle. As shaved hair regenerates, it can appear more coarse or even thicker than before. 


The Structure of a Hair

The reason many people think that hair grows back thicker when shaved can be found in the inherent structure of the hair. Every hair begins in the follicle, where a cluster of cells gradually grows the hair shaft that emerges from the skin. This cuticle of dead cells is thicker as it grows from the follicle and gradually gets lighter and thinner. 


When you shave your hair, no matter where it is on your body, you are cutting off the shaft at its thickest part, giving the remaining stubble the appearance of greater thickness than hair in that area normally seems to have. Therefore, the appearance of thicker hair after shaving. This is simply an illusion, as shaving will not change how hair grows or what it will look like when fully grown back.


What about other depilatories? 

There are many ways to remove unwanted hair, and each one has its benefits and complications. Shaving is the most frequent and easiest technique for accomplishing this, but there are many other options, like wax, chemicals, and lasers. 


The truth is, there is no way to remove hair that will have any effect on how it grows back. Hair thickness and color is decided by many factors, but the answer to how you can get your hair back is often decided by your genes. Some medications and lifestyle choices can cause hair to grow back in different, less desirable ways, but no hair removal system can change how the removed hair grows. 


If you’d like to learn more, do not hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Starks in order to keep the hair you have, or get back what you might have already lost with a hair transplant.

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